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for iMagic

1/14/2015 c3 Guest
i will
5/24/2014 c3 Rebel Deathly
I Will take it
3/26/2013 c3 omg why u stop
lolly pop
7/19/2012 c3 1zussifree
I would love to! But I am so busy with chores, family, and cheering! I hope someone does finish this story though! I would love to read it. It's to bad you can't finish it! I was looking forward to it but whatever! You lost interest I get it. Maybe I could some other stories of yours though! Buh-Bye!
3/13/2011 c2 Guest
update soon cause ur a great writer
3/13/2011 c2 Guest
luv this story
8/9/2010 c2 Nataly SkyPot

he leido tu historia y me parece muy interensante y a la vez divertida. espero que continues con ella.

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