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for Haruhi's Journey

1/10/2019 c1 VanaN'ice
Plzzzzzzzzz continue this awesome story
10/27/2017 c1 13PokeGirlEliza
Ahaha, poor Kino. Hopefully Kyon can keep things calm with Haruhi being herself...
7/5/2017 c1 WarpspeedSCP
Ahh, this one is awesome! You captured their essence so well!
3/19/2010 c1 8WritersProse
Can't wait to see more of this. Very well done for a cross-over fic, and I especially love the ways in which Kino and Haruhi interact. Though the lack of yuri makes me a sad panda.

In future chapters, there should be yuri! Just think of it. Haruhi and Kino... together at last. A match made in heaven.
3/7/2010 c1 XxMisaki EndouxX
I'm too lazy to log-in and type my 10+ character password

Anyway, like I said, this is pretty long for a prologue :D But I like it. I look forward to writing to this little fanfic of yours/ours.

3/6/2010 c1 29superstarultra
A wonderful start you have here. I can tell this going to be an excellent little adventure. And glad I could help out with a few minor pieces here and there.

P.S.: Thanks again for getting me into Kino's Journey. :)

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