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for Ghosts in the Lamplight

2/8/2011 c2 xdgirl1001
This story is really good and I really love your writing style. Please update soon.
10/15/2010 c2 Chichi.Cherry
I've actually never played the games before, nor have I read much of the manga (yaa volume 1! LOL) so I don't really get whatever's going on...

But it's intriguing. Your style writing is very beautiful and... Somehow... Hmm. Well hoping for more.

(Btw I really love the characterization of Summer. Yes.)
8/13/2010 c2 1aceofspades27
Your descriptive style is absolutely beautiful. i loved it and cant wait for more
8/6/2010 c2 41Seraphic Melody
I have no idea why I haven't reviewed this story. I read it once before, but it seems I haven't said anything. I guess it partially has to do with my reviewing laziness, but time for me to fix that.

I thought this story was simply lovely so far. I love the imagery and the plotline sounds so interesting so far. It would be wonderful if you updated anytime soon.

3/28/2010 c2 Chocolate
I like this story, me kind a hate cliffhangers. Update soon
3/9/2010 c1 mad hatter
I am intrigued.. the imagery left me breathless...
3/7/2010 c2 7NinjaSheik

Julius is my favorite!
3/7/2010 c2 Cafe-Publications
It's good so far. I think you have potential, but it needs some time to be polished. The only suggestion I would make it to make your chapters slightly more longer. Though that's probably just me since I'm a really fast reader. Also try to keep the characters in character and make sure to not make Summer a Mary-sue. Nothing irritates me more than a Mary-sue. But other than, it has an interesting plot so far. Good luck~


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