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for Jake & Nessie's Kids Annabella, Marie, Sarah, Jace

12/14/2010 c7 2kiavampiress01
Hey Thanks For The Reviews... i think now that i will have more time to write cause i´m on holiday vacation and all... i know that the story is bad writen your right it´s just that´s my first story and well i didin´t know how to write well and i think i matured at least a little in writing im now starting to focus more on my books and stories so i think i will shortly (ithink) post more of this and my other stories here!... don´t be afraid to tell me that the storie´s bad or to point out to me where the storie needs work on or anything i´m here to learn to write i´m not here to win a noble prize on writing and i´m not definetly stephenie meyer or Lj Smith so i know i will have a lot of errors... Thanks again for the review i think it´s nice to see people who aren´t afraid to tell me when i´m wrong so thanks...
12/14/2010 c7 isayhello
Now, I'm kind of afraid to write a review in my regular account...so I'll keep it annonymous. And i know it's really easy to tell that you haven't updated in awhile. So if you don't already know this. I'll tell you.

The story has good characer build. But the thing is the script way that you're writing it is kind of hard to undersand. And you kind of put too much emphasize on the whole "preppy, bitch, emo" thing. We understood the fist chapter...you don't have to keep writing it over and over agian.

But what I would like to say is that you should definitely re-write the story...or continue it with a differnt writing style. Because I would enjoy to read it in a little more depth and kind of get an input on the characters thoughts, instead of just basic emotions.

Other than that, the plot is good:)

-isayhello(that's not my username by the way)
3/13/2010 c7 StephenKingLover16
tht was fab!
3/13/2010 c2 5BethxD
wow very good! ii cant w8 to see what happens next...hm...ah! i cant w8!
3/13/2010 c1 BethxD
wow! its realli good i cant w8 to c wat happens next! i love the way u describe ur characters!

p.s can u tell me wat jajaja means? everyones using it and i have no idea! :S
3/11/2010 c1 8Cullen-Crazy-96
this story is amazing and i think u need to carry it on. and to the person who sed there arn't many people who write bout jacob and nessie having kids i have
3/9/2010 c4 13catchmeinwonderland
This is really good not a lot of people write about Jake and Nessie having kids (at least not that i know of) and I think that it is great that your taking the saga into a new perspective. Keep on keeping on! (Keep updating!)
3/8/2010 c3 4Vampirea
It was good.

"Mix Of Preppy, Emo and Bitch"

lol, thats me.

GR Im not a big fan of the whole Nessie and Jake thing.

I want him for myself. Lol.

It was cute. :]

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