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5/12 c27 1Animebob
This fanfic is so good. Hope author is still alive and I look forward to any updates.
5/12 c27 Almighty Spartan
Pretty great story so far, dont know the exact dates you have been updating the story at but at first it surprised me that you would go for a water afinity when it seems somewhat weaker than the other options but considering what you did with it it started looking even more versatile than it already is.

Dont know when you will update or even if you will but it was a really good read the banter between characters was really good, hoping to read more of it.
4/26 c27 3Clusium
This is such an amazing story and I’ve read it like 6x now. Pls, pls, update soon!
3/24 c5 Guest
You know, I never would've expected to be surprised at Minato being Naruto's dad again but alas.
3/19 c8 EANID
man you skipped all of mizuki's fight wich could have served as a character development because he was fighting his friend and now you skipping orochimaru i mean come oonnn ruining the story
3/19 c27 Insame
Needs an update
3/10 c1 Guest
"shinobi and kunoichi"?

Kunoichi ARE shinobi. Shinobi can be either male or female. Kunoichi is simply another word for female shinobi.

And that shinobi reserve program is completely stupid and, therefore, absolutely unrealistic. Why would they waste the potential of countless of their own shinobi that way? So they have some barely-more-powerful-than-civilians shinobi a year earlier? That's pointless. The only possible reason for that would be, if an author can't be bothered to think up a good explanation for the situation Naruto is in - so that author makes up a completely stupid explanation. Congratulations.
3/7 c27 1PBMarauder69
What an absolute pleasure reading this story has been. Well done!
1/16 c2 satishsurya641
not my type
1/11 c27 1Adderall
I binge read this over the last few days... really love the story! ANBU Naruto is badasss but I love how the arcs shifted to change. his goals! hope you update again!
1/5 c1 Narutobook
Wishing for a New chapter
1/2 c27 kamui5
Very glad that naruto talked with Itachi again, and I hope he'll think about it and have a talk with Sasuke. Looking forward to reading more.
12/9/2021 c27 s.k.f.f.f
thank for the chapter and merry holidays woot woot.
12/1/2021 c27 1ShanaFox15
I am. Happy to have found you once more. Love from the Caribbean amazing writing as ever
11/26/2021 c12 Guest
wow didn't expect this story to take such a sharp turn
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