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2/27 c14 17MAB86
Of all the (very few) Kim Possible crossovers I've read, this is one of the coolest ever. A lot of action great character development and great blending of the Darkstalkers and KP characters (ans there are even a few DK characters missing).

I hope this one keeps going because it's a promising storyline. Keep up that good job!
12/17/2020 c14 god of lightning mark 2
when are you going to update this story?
11/5/2020 c14 1rjkeith
Glad to see that this story is still going. I was a bit worried that it had been drop considering how long ago the last post was. Also question are we going to see any Street Fighter characters show up in this fic? I know that in the comics that Darkstalkers have crossover with Street Fighter before and those comics seem to be cannon since the last crossover was with the Street Fighter 5 cast of characters. Just curious and also keep up the good work in this fic
11/2/2020 c13 Keith Thomas II
Okay what is wrong or going on with the website cause all the new chapters are either gone or not even showing up at all.
11/2/2020 c14 zeonstar360
Bloody Bony Hood at her best.
10/31/2020 c14 2te.nellis
Lol. Keep it up!
6/8/2020 c13 zeonstar360
Nice move using the dress that Felicia gets when hit by vampire boi's ultimate
5/10/2020 c13 Halofan2117
Hey I just finished reading this story for a hundredth time over a span of several years and I have to ask. When will you update again?
9/29/2018 c13 Cbunge177
Dude been whole year since last update!
Put up new chappy soon plz.
Also can't wait to see Ron go badass werewolf on monkey's bi#$h ass haha!(that is wants gonna happen right?)
Keep up the good work hok you have my support for this story.
...and I know about freedomgaurd sorry to hear about that,I read his Jul and halo crossover fic and I am sad he did not get to complete it.
But I read yours as well and while it won't be like his that's okay because it would be boring if it was so keep writing and stuff because the fabric is behind you well at least I AM I can't speak for any one else but I'm sure other readers feel the same!
So all in all keep updating your stories.
P.S. RIP Freedom guard. *sad face with tear?*
8/9/2018 c13 guest
Do you have any idea when you are going to update this story
6/24/2018 c13 Guest1
Really hope you will update this story soon, it's awesome.
2/11/2018 c13 BlueMoon
Great,Update,I hope Kim will be part of Ron,s harem.

Any chance you will crossover Spider-man (Peter Parker) with Darkstalker,maybe a Harem of Darkstalker,s female characters?
12/4/2017 c13 Guest
Update soon, and please dont never ever ever forgive that back stabbing Kim, in the real World no man would.
8/5/2017 c13 Guest
good update! hope that superxan is next!
7/29/2017 c13 4Major Simi
Oh oh that night is Really going to be interesting. Great chapter
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