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5/26/2019 c2 Guest
I want more...
12/22/2018 c2 Deans Girl
Wow ! This story is so sweet & beautiful written u are such an awesome writer the way u write & describe the scenes gives me such a clear picture in my mind little Dean sounds so adorable & sad I so wish u would update I so would want to read more about this normal family & why they adopt Sam hopefully u will see this & somehow find a way to come back to this story it has so many wonderful possibilities !
6/11/2016 c2 3KindKelsey
Wow! I know it's been a LONG time since this was updated, but I am obsessed with this and I would reallyyyy appreciate you finishing this!
2/6/2016 c2 Guest
OMG! THIS IS AMAZING! Please update. I want to see baby Sammy.
7/15/2015 c2 2Swords N' Daisies
This was just... Ugh perfect
10/19/2014 c2 Guest
Why is there only TWO CHAPTERS -sobs indefinitely- my life is over
7/5/2014 c2 Guest
John wasn't sure who fell asleep first – him or Dean. All he knew was that Mary did that miraculous thing that seems unique to all mothers: she made everything better. She wiped away the pain and fear and anxiety and soothed all the hurts and aches. John grinned sleepily when he heard a tiny sigh from the boy on his right and dozed off with a keen sense that he was the luckiest man alive.

And woke up several hours later to wide green eyes peering unblinkingly up at him in the bright early morning sunlight.

He startled slightly but didn't move. He could see that Mary was still soundly asleep, her long arms wrapped snugly around Dean's middle. They'd turned in the night so that both mother and child were facing John, and now said child was awake and staring at him.

"Hey, kiddo," John whispered huskily.

Dean quirked a strange look at him, inquisitive and probing, but not afraid. For the first time since they'd brought him home, Dean appeared to be unafraid around him. Then a chubby, dimpled hand sneaked up from under the blankets and petted his chin, gently stroking the smooth skin there.

"Better, huh?" John joked, his cheeks dimpling as a look of pure relief washed over Dean's expressive face. "Looked like there was a dead animal growing on my face, didn't it?"

It probably wasn't the right thing to say to a kid that small, but Dean didn't seem perturbed by it (and Mary, thankfully, was asleep and hadn't overheard it), so John said up a quick prayer of thanks for small favours. Then, amazingly, Dean's fingers trailed purposefully to the sunken divot of John's cheek, probing into the dimple experimentally. His eyes were alight with wonder, his lips parted in amazement and mild confusion.

"Dimples," John explained through his widening grin as the tiny digit probed deeper the more his cheeks stretched into a wider smile. "My mom used to tell me that God was pinchin' my cheeks when I was just a baby, and He pinched too hard and my cheeks stayed that way."

Wide green eyes blinked, unsure for just a moment, and then the little scamp grinned.

John knew in that moment that he was done for.

OMG them feels! You have a gift. This was beautiful.
4/2/2014 c2 Luzith
Loved it!
1/26/2014 c2 Guest
Anymore coming?
1/23/2014 c2 Mrm
11/29/2013 c2 21twin1
Beautiful. Following this in case you ever write more.
8/26/2013 c2 6fanficfantasies
Ha! Yeah, John should be wary. I love Hey Jude. :) One of the best Beatles songs. I can play it on the piano to, cords and all. Thanks for writing!
8/22/2013 c2 24lillelouis
Oh God he's SO CUTE! I just wanna smash his face against mine :* Definitely need more chapters on this ASAP!
3/1/2013 c2 29MysticalKC
Amazing chapter! I love it! Please update whenever you can! :D
2/3/2013 c2 Guest
plz finish it this is amazing
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