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12/3/2013 c6 secret girl 101
forgot to say it last time, but Peace!
12/3/2013 c6 Secret Girl 101
honestly I think this is better than the original, no offense to the writer but if you have a good idea for a story...how can I put this...if you have a good idea for a story make it a good story though I should probably should be writing this on his reviews, but anyway long story short(too late) this will be better than the other one and fuck all you flamers.
9/22/2013 c6 secret girl 101
um ok a little disappointed but I still won't flame, I still won't flame. I've never flamed before and I'm not starting now. just...please hurry with the story. Good luck(little sad but still) Peace!
9/22/2013 c4 secret girl 101
GO TERRA HATERS! LET THAT BB STEALING BITCH DIE DIE DIE! By the way I love the story Ihad a similar idea once. got 2 go. Peace!
5/8/2010 c5 xxFraise
A flame is saying something sucks for no apparent reason. I merely stated my opinion. Please learn the difference.
5/8/2010 c4 xxFraise
This story is a complete rip-off of DudeYourAwesome8's. Both genders joining bands...even the idea about the rings is the same. Did you even ask if you could basically re-write her story? Honestly, it's unoriginal people like you who make me hate fanfiction.
4/24/2010 c3 redmoon
i'm seriously pissed off that you didn't finish it! try thinking of an original composition though it's better that way (i think anyways). please finish it!
3/19/2010 c2 7Hexpert
What a nice concept you have there. Please continue your story it is very nice. :)
3/13/2010 c2 14Saffire55
I am cool! I am reviewing my own story! I hate Terra! Terra must die! There is a reason for why I called Terra a bitch because Terra is a bitch! Ok, I got the idea from a really awesome story I read and it sounds the same right now, but it will be different trust me. I just loved that part in the story that I read so I wanted to add it, so don't sue me or be mad! I changed it, so hah! It is not all the same! Anyway, I think it is awesome! It is fun reviewing your own chapter! Mandy, Terra is a bitch, who would like her? She broke Beast Boy's heart! Sure she saved the city but still! That was at the last minute and she tried killing them all! She knew what would happen if you joined Slade so that is what she gets! If I could, I would find Terra's statue and destroy it! But...wait, I can do that! Anyway, Terra is a bitch and she deserves to be stone! Also, she almost killed Robin, haven't you seen Betraile (sp?) 2? Mandy, look at the end of Betraile 1 and you will see what Terra did to Robin! So, there is proof that Terra is a bitch! So \I think that is it! Terra is a bitch and must die! That's it! Have a nice day!
3/13/2010 c2 Mandy
this story reminds me A LOT about another story about two teen titan roack bands...It even was a BBRae and BB sung a song to Starfire telling her it waz about terra (my fav character, i like her with speedy more though) and she kneu he waz lying and it really waz about Rae. Did you lykee get inspiredd & r lyke trying 2 rewrite it? Why did you call Terra dat! -ML
3/11/2010 c1 12BG224
dude! post the chapter already!


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