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3/31/2011 c10 Becks

Must I mention it was adorable? Utterly adoreble.

Why yes, yes I do!
1/30/2011 c7 LacesAndWine
. . .

W-What? B-But...

Y-You can't...

*Suddenly gives up on talking and pouts*

Noooooo fair!
12/11/2010 c10 FANGIRL
awwwww! That was tooo cute you rock^-^
7/7/2010 c10 8HopelessxDreams
You know something. I've seen this story countless times and I've always said.

'Thats gonna be cheesy' so today I decided what the heck lets read it.

And welll it's awesome!
5/27/2010 c10 5Diddly Diddly D
I just read this entire thing in one go. I just have to say. It was adorable, and actually reminds me a lot of my boyfriend and I. We have an interesting dynamic. Heh. Anyway. It was good; and I know good, I've read a lot of fanfiction in my day. X3

Anyhow. I hope you continue to write. :D Your writing style has lots of potential for other things. :3


5/21/2010 c10 37SweetieLove
I really like your writing style! The concept is really nice and the plots were goof too. Too bad it had to end so soon..Although I got curious..were Murrey, Marlin, Wally and Cody the only contestants?
5/1/2010 c10 12MewZeairu
That was so cute, I loved the ending~
5/1/2010 c10 2Anime Girl 593
AW! I loved this ending X3 it was so cute ^^ i LOVED this story! it was amazing!

4/14/2010 c10 1Arista Deja
It's over? Already? Aw... well, it was a good ending, anyway. I mean, epilogue. Thank you for thanking me for reviewing!
4/14/2010 c10 1Joker Queen
Ahahah! I feel so honored to be mentioned in the author's note of the last chapter! Thanks~~!

Anyway, this story was really good. I loved the whole concept of it, and the ending. Too bad it had to have an ending so soon, though! I would've liked it to be longer, but meh. We can't all win, can we? It might've been less interesting if you dragged it on, too, so I suppose it's a good thing. But, I'm glad that Pony is still working to achieve her ultimate goal, and Skye his. It's nice that he made it into a top-notch cooking school, and that he's making actual friends, and not trying to keep up his outward appearance as a flirt. At least, that's what I got from it!

I urge you to keep writing. You have amazing skills in detail while keeping it.. well... Not boring!


4/10/2010 c9 Joker Queen
I love this story! It's interesting how you made them all high school students,

and how Skye is a playboy, but not a thief. I like how you made

Pony strong and cool too!

Keep on rockin'

4/7/2010 c9 2Anime Girl 593
i just read the whole thing now and loved it! JxS is my fave HMDScute couple ^^

4/7/2010 c1 1Sashabelle
4/7/2010 c9 1Mikan-senpai
Awhh, this chapter was so cute! 3 I'm so happy you got over your writers block!
4/6/2010 c8 2dream's hopes
really spectacular! i can't wait to read more!( no rush)
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