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for How to make Leah mad

4/16/2012 c1 Guest
I love the 'hike doggy' part that jst made me crack up laughing :D
2/25/2011 c1 3Ruth93
This is like a long list or something. But it's good!
10/17/2010 c1 7Dirty Little Half Blood
i have 5 letters to descibe this...LMFAO xxx XD XD XD
7/19/2010 c1 ichigo283
this is really funny LOL
5/18/2010 c1 ichigo283
LMFAO this soo funny you should write more things like this
5/1/2010 c1 anonymous
funny, but you need to check your grammar...
3/31/2010 c1 6Angel-Of-Death-136
this is so funny u should think of other things like this its good
3/28/2010 c1 Moonlight-Hypnosis
OMG LOL this is so funny!
3/17/2010 c1 2Rachii P
hehe i luv this its so funni ... still think u should put somethin botu dead end xD hehe jokin
3/12/2010 c1 musiclover1823
that waz funny u should write a story about random twilight chracters making her mad or add more how to make other people plz update soon
3/11/2010 c1 6Indigo Nights
This would probably work quite well...
3/11/2010 c1 4TiGerrr
hahaha that was a funny one i liked it lol but maybe there are some more ways but im not creative enough thanks for making me laugh in this kind of situation

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