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for The Unexpected Ending

8/17/2018 c1 russia2774
more updates please love it
9/19/2010 c1 6my 2 guys
not bad
3/14/2010 c1 sorrowfilledangel287
awesome! keep writing!
3/11/2010 c1 q1q1q1q
Well, not to be mean, but you made a lot of mistakes in here. Lissa's full name is Vasilisa Dragomir, not whatever you got. Also it's moroi not mori. And Dimitri's Russian name is Dimka, not Dimika. And his nickname is spelled comrade, not comrad. You might want to brush up on your facts first. And maybe go for a more original plot. Rose getting pregnant is way too overdone, but that's just my opinion. But still, you need to fix your mistakes.
3/11/2010 c1 SimplySalvatore
I really like it but is there a Chapter 2, because I would really like to read more!

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