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9/12/2018 c7 Angry naptime
Well this is dead but I'm still going to give it a review. I really enjoyed it and it deserves to be liked and reviewed. Thanks for the work you put into this :)
8/19/2018 c7 RadicalErin
Of course it's discontinued. I like it, therefore it must not be complete. Would be nice to see this picked up, again.
8/8/2017 c7 Myra
The chapter has been good I hope you do another one seeing Ranma slowly discover who herb is has been very interesting and I'm hoping that you will do more chapters so we can see how the relationship goes from here
8/15/2016 c7 canisluna
a prince's duty is a amazing literary work and i think should finished.
8/8/2016 c7 FrostyGazebo
Oh how cruel life circumstances are but I still look forward to your updates.
It's a well written story with an interesting plot, please don't give up on it!
5/14/2013 c7 Eric-Brune
I dearly hope that you will continue this story one day... There are so few Herb stories out there, and this one is going so well.
3/27/2013 c7 TharzZzDunN
This has been a fun story to read, thanks for writing!

3/27/2013 c6 TharzZzDunN
Ah a shame, I had rather hoped someone would have killed that trash Hibiki.

8/21/2012 c7 21zeltronica
I must admit I enjoyed your fanfic and hope you will continue it sometimes soon.
3/3/2012 c7 Diren
I hope your fanfic is not dead.

I really like your story.

I look forward to the next chapter.
11/24/2011 c3 1EVA-Saiyajin
good story so far, keep up the good work!
11/9/2011 c7 Wordlurker
Well... I'm not quite sure I *like* this fic, but I sure can't deny that it is interesting, to say the least.
5/31/2011 c7 Hat O' Doom
Great chapter as usual! I found Turmeric jumping out of an airplane very humorous by the way. I feel sorry for Ryoga right now...being frozen as a little pig would be terrifying enough but when he runs into the musk again they are going to be super pissed.
5/16/2011 c7 Guest
Some thoughts upon finishing the chapter:

God I love this thing. Maybe I just have a soft spot for watching Herb slowly come to terms with his sexual/gender issues. Not merely for the obvious reasons, but because his tortured inner conflict is handled with such an amusing serio-comic tone; it skillfully walks a line between funny and tragic that never strays too far into the trivial or melodramatic. Those scenes continue to be my favourite. Although, the crazy old man and his air planes was right up my alley too. A lot of the other scenes with the characters more peripheral to the plot weren't really my bag. The best line had to be the one that went, "I'm sure she's not the safe kind of crazy..."

Somebody else mentioned those scenes with the fortune tellers; I actually found they worked really well. The choppiness drove home the shock Herb had just entered into. Going shortest to longest not only made for a very readable formula, but kind of gave the feeling of Herb recovering from said shock. Actually, it was a pretty clever technique. Although, I'm not sure how necessary it was to bring up the fertility clinic scene again, besides I guess trying to clear up lingering confusion as to Herb's “species.”

As goes the author comment on that topic, I think there are numerous reasons for such confusion. The connection between Herb's natal DNA and his being an asshole isn't necessarily obvious; his being a peerless warrior and the inviolable prince of xenophobic kingdom of insane, monstrously powerful martial arts eugenicists with sketchy breeding habits and who nonetheless cower psychophantically for fear of his family bloodline already tends to nominate him for some complexes. Especially when by anime logic his hair alone ought to make him an asshole. I guess the shift in gender always just seemed the more obvious explanation of his softening rather than the only hinted at shift in his species. Especially as it's been unknown how the spring of drowned girl might have affected his DNA and how that difference in DNA might in turn affect his personality. I have no idea how this might be rectified though, especially not in a way that doesn't spoil the gradual revelation of the whole subplot.

Um... This was a bit long, but I've said before I'd prefer if the chapters be cut up a bit more efficiently :)

Finally, I'm thinking of doing some fan-art for the former Musk king, namely because I'm curious to know what he'd look like. I mean, I'm supposing he'd look something like a Herb-clone desiccated by age. Considering Herb's ridiculous hair and his exquisite boy-prettiness, those sounds both challenging and humorous.

5/16/2011 c7 Guest
Before I finish reading this I thought I'd point out that the Tumeric/Terragon scene would have been a lot easier to follow if the old man had instead been referred to as "the royal father," "the abdicated king," "the former king," etc. to help indicate that he was the king's ancestor rather than descendant.

I know that in some places like the Netherlands where abdications of kings are common, the retiree is still commonly refered to as a "king" even if he is properly a prince. Just something to consider.
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