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for Sir Utakata, We Must Both Live

9/23/2020 c3 Guest
They dare touch my favorite Jinchuriki and Character in Naruto as well as the hottest!? NOT ON MY FUCKING WATCH! ILL CRUSH THEIR SKULLS AND EAT THEIR SOULS!
4/27/2017 c3 Guest
Chapter 3 is a total waste. I suggest everyone skip it while reading.
10/22/2016 c5 sougetsuken
That last scene had me laughing my head off. It was pure gold. Especially loved Naruto's thought process - in particular, his thoughts about his "patriotic" clothes. Keep up the fantastic work!
10/22/2016 c3 sougetsuken
This chapter was just ... so beautiful. It was sad, it was happy, it was ... I don't even know. You're an amazing writer. Being able to tie in Naruto's history, so seamlessly ... and that moment when Hotaru finally realizes that Naruto had been thinking about him and Sasuke and Sakura all this time ... it just tugged at my heartstrings. This is definitely a jewel amongst all the thousands of fanfics I've read. Keep up the good work!
10/22/2016 c2 sougetsuken
Absolutely beautiful start! Love how you relate Hotaru's situation to Sakura's, and how well you describe all the characters. Especially loved the interaction between Kakashi and the Mizukage. Keep it up!
3/19/2016 c10 Guest
...wow. This was a really good story and the characterization of the characters was really great. Loved your story and I woke up at six and decided to read this whole thing in one sitting. I ended up late for school XD but still, really great story and thanks for writing this!
9/28/2015 c10 vampiresongka
wait! you wrote this fanfiction C: it was wonderful to read. i wish there were more utaxhota fanfictions out there
i really enjoyed that filler arc. although i'm not so sure to call it that since utakata is technically a canon character xD
9/24/2015 c10 SakuraDreamerz2
O.O Holy crap, Ive read that fanfic!
! I'll get right to it! *zips to the story!*
11/29/2014 c10 2usagi-no-usotsuki
awww I loved this story , it's almost sad that it ended :)
Great job in making this story!
10/30/2014 c10 63general zargon
Well, I'm glad you managed to finish this story, as I have to say that I very much enjoyed the ending. :) There is a seriously lack of Utakata/Hotaru stories out there, so I thank you for this contribution to fixing that. . I loved your explanation on how the actual Utakata got pulled into the Jinchuuriki-Bijuu meeting with Naruto, and I laughed at Naruto's reaction to Yagura. ;P I hope you decide to write more for this, and especially this pairing, and keep up the excellent work!
10/30/2014 c10 3Aeris Mae
Your canon tie ins is what made this fic so great! I am a firm believer that something along these lines had to have happened, because there's no way that Hotaru and Utakata didn't get a happy ending. IN YOUR FACE, KISHIMOTO! lol. Amazing fic. One of the best plot-wise and characterization-wise I've read yet. :)
10/29/2014 c10 3C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only
YEEES! FINALLY! This is SUCH a good way to end it!
10/29/2014 c10 kapibarasan
Thank you for posting this story! It was a joy to read from the very first chapter! I'm so glad you finished it! :)
10/29/2014 c10 231Mononoke-hime x sukai kurora
This was a truly beautiful story.
8/25/2014 c9 titan616
This is the best Utakata and Hotaru fic I've seen. Utaka got to live, the series goes on as it did in canon, and Naruto got an early meeting with Pain. His meeting's were certainty dramatic, some of the best bits in the story. You did a good job with the characters to, they were all very believable.
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