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12/26/2019 c1 Guest
Was thinking about the very short list of fanfiction I will occasionally reread, remembered this one, immediately had to come reread it. It was lovely getting lost in this exploration of characters again. I hope you’re doing well, author! You forever have my gratitude for sharing this beautiful piece of writing for free online.
10/14/2018 c1 TheOneResponsibleForThis
Brilliant. 10/10.
7/19/2018 c1 That one guy
That was great. Keep up the good work. I really like how you kept the shipping to a minimum. Personally I've never seen the two as a couple. More like a big brother-baby sister combo or daddy-daughter duo. In a hulking, surly, will-kill-for-you sort of way. The present-tense writing was a bit strange, more befitting of a script than a story in my mind, but I'm not really a writer, and it worked, anyhow.
Over all, awesome!
2/8/2018 c1 Guest
An astounding piece of work, I must admit. The quote from the poem worked so well with the story. Kudos to you good sir.
4/3/2017 c1 Cactusnoir
This was amazing and beautiful. TuT
Thank you.
10/11/2015 c1 79Triscribe
This is an amazing collection of short stories. I love how you've interwoven some of the different aspects of the comic, too! I'd never thought to look for Lackadaisy fan fics before, but now I've definitely found one of the best. ;)
(Pity we didn't get to see Mordecai's reaction to the scratched in I.J.P on the car, though...)
7/16/2015 c1 Guest
Every once in a while I come back and reread this fic. It's just too damn beautiful. Your understanding of the characters and the way you weave the story into the source material makes the whole thing feel like canon. Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into your writing and for sharing it.
3/4/2015 c1 jim
Truly an amazing fanfiction! I've liked this pair's dynamics since the first interaction, and you explored them to their fullest.

The characterization is true to the source material but even deeper. I love all of the interactions and nonverbal communication between them. The windows into their lives you chose were all unique and each looked at something new, which I admired. My only criticism is that some of the flowery metaphors pulled me out of the story a bit.

Otherwise, bravo! It was beautiful.
2/24/2015 c1 14SpawnofAnarion
...kinda wish it would go on, but it probably works best to stop there anyways.
11/27/2014 c1 Specter alias
To give my personal thoughts on this FanFiction, I cannot help but simply be amazed. I can honestly say that this has to be the best Fic I've ever read, and I was astonished by the quality of it. Lackadaisy is my absolute favorite Webcomic there is, and to be frank, I'm wowed. Congratulations to you and this awesome FanFiction! Ivy and Viktor have an adorable, almost father-daughter dynamic.

(Specter humbly offers cookies for your efforts)
7/5/2014 c1 2xX Feathered Xx
Wow. This is brilliant. o.o
4/27/2014 c1 Deleted Account 16
wow...this just played a thousand heartstrings...its amazing. Well done. I just...can't even comprehend it... I am in aww...its just so...captivating...
12/17/2013 c1 LaiChan
I cried. I just don't do shit like that all over the place. It takes a lot for me to get all emotional over a piece of fiction. Well, granted, I didn't bawl my eyes out or anything but still. At some points I blinked and It was there, you know? Now I love Viktor (and Ivy) so much more.
Anyway, beautifully done. That feeling that there's something unnameable happening beneath the surface, a story untold happening underneath and simultaneously with the story that it's being presented to the reader at a first glance. And it lingers with you for long after you've finished reading (both what's literally written and what's between the lines).
Thank you for putting your time into writing this when you could have done anything else. And thank you even more for sharing this. As much as I'm sure that Lackadaisy Cats enjoys a healthy amount of fandon (not nearly as much as it deserves, obviously, but as far as webcomics go I'm sure it could do much, much worse), there aren't a lot of people willing to put in the effort into quality fan made work. Well, not enough people capable of not horribly disfiguring Tracy's characters into something beyond recognition anyway.
That's why I'm so grateful this particular piece of work exists. Not only was your characterization spot on but, damn. You manipulate dem feels like a pro.

Ok, the abridged version. Once more: congratulations and thank you.
6/23/2013 c1 me
This is magic. I cannot find the words to describe what reading this felt like.
When I finished, it was like I just saw, for a moment, all the beauty in the world unfolding in front of me, and then becoming a secret again.
Thank you so much.
5/19/2013 c1 2To die upon a kiss
So sweet and lovely and...I can't.
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