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for Harry and Rosie Potter, twins who shall survive

12/29/2012 c3 Guest
Wow this is reallllly amazing and i reallllllllly hope u update soon! I'm really hooked on this story!
2/28/2012 c3 2Elsforever
I really like this story. You actually follow the book. To bad you stopped updating. Are you sure you won't go any furtur? I would really like that.
8/3/2011 c3 3LeoDaLion
this is really good! i like it! plz write more!

LEO ^.^
3/30/2011 c3 Starfan
Awesome story! I loved it ! Awesomenesses!
3/5/2011 c3 1ZeLuNatic22
please update soon, i cant wait.
2/28/2011 c3 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
cute please go on!
12/1/2010 c3 3EsmeraldasDreams
please continue this story i love it tough I'm not a big harry fan:)
6/5/2010 c3 24Nyx Nox
I liked this chapter. There were a few grammar errors here and there. I can beta read for you if you'd like me to =]
4/24/2010 c2 Nyx Nox
This is a really good start. The chapter seemed to move very fast. I recommend that you revise your work and try to make it longer or you could seek a beta reader. This story has a ton of potential. I can't wait for your next chapter.
3/18/2010 c2 4Silo666
3/14/2010 c1 nwspor

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