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7/15/2014 c1 Guest
Connor and Abby were gone for an entire year though. Rex lived in the menagerie for that time in the same enclosure as the Mammoth We never knew what became of the two Diictodon.

Abby returned to the menagerie where she saw the mammoth in its enclosure then shared a joyful reunion with Rex who obviously remembered her as he clung to the glass and chirped at her. She let him out of the enclosure and petted him.

They may have been returned to the Permian through an anomaly but unlikely as Diictodon and Coelurosauravus are both creatures from the same historical period so they would have to send all three back and they clearly didn't.

Plus Connor and Abby fought for survival in a harsh environment with no family or friends for an entire year and would be devastated if they returned to find Rex and the Diictodon were sent back to their own time.

Its also possible Lester took them home as companions for his children yet unlikely as he also joked to professor Cutter about taking the mammoth home as his children had been requesting a pet after it saved his life by goring the evolved predatory bat with the neural clamp Leek sent to kill him on its tusks.

But Abby saw the mammoth in the new building after being given a lowly position caring for the menagerie. Also caring for a prehistoric Mammoth requires specialist care in a specific environment because it's prehistoric and wild.

Plus Sid and Nancy are prehistoric animals so unless his wife and children know about the anomalies and creatures he can't take them home as he'd need to identify them and they bear no close resemblance to any animal alive today.

Its also possible the two were kept in the menagerie too and Abby reunited with them later which seems most likely as all prehistoric creatures are kept in the menagerie; Dracorex, mammoth, Scutosaurus, giant scorpion and Coelurosauravus.
7/5/2013 c1 38TheSingingPterodactyl
I loved this so much! Though in the beginning, I'm sure the point, I was COMPLETELY confused on what on earth I was reading! haha!
It also confused me when they were only gone for a few days - At first I thought it was just in their animals minds but then I realized it was an AU.
Great story!
4/11/2012 c1 22Alice I
I liked reading this story told from the POV of the animals. As you described the names of the different characters, I personally didn't find it necessary to actually spell out the names, Sid, Nancy, Rex, Abby and Connor. What you were conveying was quite clear and that took away from the POV perspective a little.

This was obviously written before season 4. I wonder what did happen to Sid and Nancy. Obviously Rex came back to the ARC, but we never find out about the diictodons.

In any case a wonderfully original story told from a delightful perspective.
12/4/2011 c1 11aunteeneenah
What an interesting perspective! Very enjoyable. Sid and Nancy are very good story tellers. A lovely tale. Thank you.
10/22/2010 c1 17saresare
I love this story! It's brilliant, thank you for writing it! I did wonder what happened to Sid, Nancy and Rex when Abby and Connor got trapped.
8/18/2010 c1 drumrush
this was really cute. you did such a good job at describing every detail in Sid and Nancy's POV. I mean, you never seamed to forget who's part you were writing from, really well done. only thing though, Sid and Nancy went straight from the Hospital to the ARC during the fire and stayed in the back of a pick-up in a built-in box thing the whole time, they didn't go home between, (just a side note I couldn't help but spit out-sorry). But still, this was excellent!
4/4/2010 c1 AnonyNita
this story just continues to be as cute as it was the first [gazillion] time[s] i read it, and it makes me smile every time. thanks again!
3/22/2010 c1 14EtherealDemon
That was just the cutest thing ever. I realy liked your idea of writing the story through Sid and Nancys perspective.
3/22/2010 c1 4how does she do it
funny and cute, and very unique from sid, rex, and nancy's POV. loved it!
3/18/2010 c1 11tulzdavampslayer
oh... wow. That was fantastic!
3/16/2010 c1 EarsNWhiskers
This was really well done. Loved seeing things through their eyes. I just adore Sid and Nancy. :) Glad they got a happy ending!
3/16/2010 c1 3lkaplon
LOVED This! I would have never thought of this type of storyline, and you did it amazingly well!
3/16/2010 c1 CinephileSandra
I love this. So creative, and well-written!
3/16/2010 c1 41Empress Akitla
Aw! That's so cute! At first I was a little confused but then I got it. Uh-oh...another family addition means trouble...;)
3/16/2010 c1 22Heavenmetal
how cute! really well written.
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