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for Never Let You Go

12/11/2018 c1 TReneeM
I loved this. It was alot better than most songfics. I don't particularly care for the song choice but I loved how instead of just copy and pasting the lyrics, you took the time to actually intergrate it into your one-shot. We actually got to see Naru's reaction to Mai intead of just listening to the song and reading the lyrics with no idea of what the characters are doing during that time. And then the sexy time at the end was really well written. Everyone loves some smexy time. ;) Thank you so much for this beautifully done work. Please write more songfics. I would read all of them!
4/8/2015 c1 Guest
A great fantastic story even without the M part loved it ALL! Plus Mia with her own apartment again is perfect for her independent character and Naru knows what an "Idiot Scientist" he was. Keep up the great work on your stories. )
12/27/2014 c1 6StormDragonfly
I think this was great, especially for having been done in one sitting.

Some concrit would be that it's adjective-heavy. For instance "finally" is used three times in two sentences, or "really" twice in one sentence. That's something that stepping away from it for a bit and coming back would solve, same with the minor typos here and there.

As a reader, I would have enjoyed it more if Mai hadn't gone all Jessica Rabbit. But as far as the singing gimmick went, your loyalty to it made it work better than it would have had it just been thrown in there with no development.

Thanks for an enjoyable read.
10/14/2014 c1 Guest
I was great
6/29/2014 c1 Guest
Whoop! A fantastic one-shot! Brilliantly written and excellent flow!
2/2/2014 c1 1Universal Fighter
Some grammatical errors here and there but overall I loved it. Great job!
5/13/2013 c1 KittyKatluv
that has got to be the sweetest mai/naru fanfic i've ever read! 3 major kudos
1/7/2013 c1 1Ferb O. Oche
*faints* Wow I love it
No words can express what I'm feeling right now after reading this. It is so perfect!
And I love the song.

6/29/2012 c1 13CaptainDustfinger
I really like this :) I can totally imagine Monk going through Mai's stuff :D lol
1/6/2012 c1 8Himawari-no-Ichizoku
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I really liked it! No. Strike that and beat it to a bloody pulp with a wooden stick. I LOVED IT!
8/11/2011 c1 pipopopoca
Wahh, I loved it, thanks!
7/6/2011 c1 Richie101
to be for real i really did like it how it had drama and romance in it all to the extent and i will be looking over your profile to see all and any of your other story's. but seeing that you are a very talented writer i hope to see action,romance,horror, and maybe another drama. Its kinda weird i usually hate drama story's so thank you for not only writing this story but also opening up more doors for me to read. :)
5/25/2011 c1 UnknownUser'sAccount
3/27/2011 c1 1TigersEatPeople
she's going to get pregnant! out of all the fanfiction stories i've read about these two so far, this one is the best and most well explained story of them all. the story didnt go by to fast or to slow and the way the characters act is similiar to the real thing and that also makes me happy. i love this story and you did a great job! :D
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