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4/23/2010 c1 27son-of-puji
You are killing me with these not-happy-endings, you know that?:) Especially since I -surprise, surprise- dont like Kiotr (for me it's too boring or heck, I dont know why);) And I have to tell, I'm not the fan of detailed love-making scenes either, but the way you ended it with a fight, i completely understand it was necessary. I really loved the quarrel, all the words they said to each other (in a painful way of course), and I especially loved the two different circumstances when the sentence "Tell me you want this" was written - it added a really sad and bitter layer to anyaway bitter scene. I still think, from a point of view (just because my little heart always beats for Lance) Kitty was a bit unfair to Lance, since he seemed to be in control of his life now, achieved many things he had only dreamed about before, so he might have been able to fight for them...maybe... or maybe it is only me who wanted this to work so much:) No matter what, I loved it, as I always do whatever you write:)
3/16/2010 c1 annam8td
1) not really feeling piotr's accent, then again i don't really like when people try to write out character's accents, so nothing personal there

2) super steamy scene in the kitchen! i felt like i needed a shower or something afterwards, which is definately a good thing

3) i love the arguing...the love-hate relationship that these two have is definately unique, and you definately made it work

4) i love the dialogue overall

i'm really liking this story, so keep up the good work ^_^

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