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1/2/2011 c32 11La Belle Rose Noire
I. Like. It. Please update soon
11/8/2010 c32 Anana553

finally a new chap at this story xD

loved it $.$

keep up =)
11/8/2010 c32 12SuperGroverandElmo
awww... so sweet! and a nice bella? the world's coming to an end now isn't it? XD can't wait for next chapter!
11/8/2010 c13 Guest
You Always leave me wanting more I stated up till 2 in the morning on school nights just to get them finished ;) awesome job :)
11/7/2010 c32 15New Dawn Rising
Yes, very interestin, especially that she would invite Bella to come along, but oh well...
11/5/2010 c31 12SuperGroverandElmo
man ths chapter was depressing. but i still liked it
10/21/2010 c31 17Anana553
please keep updating:D i 3 ur story

i must say i don't want Rogue to go to japan please get her back with remy somehow xDxDxD
10/20/2010 c31 15New Dawn Rising
All I can say is that I hope Rogue can eventually get to where she can forgive him and start fighting for what she wants.
10/10/2010 c30 3Chica De Los Ojos Cafe
Oh boy. Fight indeed!

10/8/2010 c30 15New Dawn Rising
Oh Rogue, Rogue, Rogue...what are you THINKING?
9/24/2010 c29 12SuperGroverandElmo
oh my god! bobby's alive? EPIC WIN!
9/23/2010 c29 3Chica De Los Ojos Cafe
Oh man. So Rogue and Remy are finally gonna get a less hectic relationship going. And Rogue pushed Mystique off the cliff huh. If things were tense between her and Kurt before...lol Update soon.

9/23/2010 c29 15New Dawn Rising
YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! Now we're gettin' to the good stuff! :D

I wonder...will you do a sort-of re-write of Cajun Spice done your way? It will be interesting to see.
9/17/2010 c28 queenith2
nice tony stark reference
9/17/2010 c28 3Chica De Los Ojos Cafe
Oh John, no...what have you done. This was a great chapter. So much going on, everyone acting out of character...and wow. Just wow.

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