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9/30/2013 c3 Secret Fantasy Reader
why stop writing it is very good if can please finish it is very good
2/24/2013 c3 9selenopheliac
Hey...what the...Hey...hunny...there...isn't any more...this that? How could u?! How DARE u?!...Ok...I admit it...I'm not actually angry but...seriously...there should be lot
1/29/2013 c3 20kage kitsune 14
"...sounded like fun to me."

I didn't take her as the kind of person to have that type of fun...

Great story. Update soon.
11/10/2010 c3 13StraightLife116
wow, i love this story! Love love love!
10/3/2010 c3 41my shangri-la
Like the story so far! Hope there's another chapter coming soon! =)
7/19/2010 c3 Pink Tubby Custard
Great story so far :3 These stories always make my hate towards Johns ever worse and now I absolutely 100% hate him. - Lol, update soon please :3 I can't wait to read more about Raion.
6/19/2010 c3 Stabbythings
XD I love the skull f&ck line at the end there great story I like is so far.
6/2/2010 c3 1marian93
So... Turow, huh?

That was interesting.

What's with that name? What does it have to do with Riddick...?

I love this (yeah, because my previous review never mentioned it or anything) and it just keeps getting better.

Awesome chapter.

Oh, and a CoR sequel? I didn't know, and it pretty much made my day. Thanks for sharing. :)
6/2/2010 c2 marian93
This is SO COOL! I love your OC, I love Riddick in this, I love the way you write and the twists and everything about this so far.

I especially LOVE the ending of this chapter. It was just so badass. I loved it!

Ok, I'll stop blabbering like a crazy person and go read the 3rd chapter and then blabber some more in the next review. :]

Subscribed and favorited :)
6/2/2010 c3 5DarkDreamer1982
I have heard that a new Riddick movie is coming out, and I can't wait! And, as always, another awesome chapter! Keep up the good work and can't wait for the next one!
6/2/2010 c3 1Nelle07
Bahahah love it! How old is she again?
6/2/2010 c3 3Dreaming Dragonfly
Wow, look who is on a roll? Likin' how close you kept to the script, though i think it would have been nice to deviate a little. Still, i adored your line;

'What, did he forget his tooth brush?'

Totally tickled me. Next ch. coming soon? ;)
5/31/2010 c2 Dreaming Dragonfly
Updates? Yay!

I really liked this chapter, especially how 'real' your main character came across. Riddick was good too, especially when he was tempted to leave her behind - true to form i'm sure! He can be quite selfish and i think it'll be interesting to see this grow and change. What d'ya reckon?

Good job. Looking forward to the update! ;)
5/30/2010 c2 2Soul Tini
hehe i like it ^^ I think that you are a very good writer :3 hope you update soon !
5/29/2010 c2 3midnight84118
wow love it

hope to see the next soon
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