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5/23/2017 c1 Meeee
I need more of this prontooo so sexy and awsome
7/17/2014 c1 1Jezebel DeTrazie
Hilariously sweet! Can you write more? Please?
7/3/2011 c1 18penguin0491
This was cute :) I loved the ending!
3/26/2010 c1 QUeeNoFVaMpiRelOvErs
this is a cute story! LOVE IT
3/18/2010 c1 Drama
I like it a lot! Nice story :)
3/18/2010 c1 Azcowgirl1992
wow super cute another one please
3/17/2010 c1 882md1
haha, I really enjoyed this. some great stuff:

"baby-faced punk," "strong swimmers," and their banter in general.

So freakin' adorable! and cute. haha

sigh, =) Thanks for writing!

I consider situations for Katrick fics often, but I'm a terrible writer.

So, I depend on people's ff's!

Hope you're inspired to write more!

(p.s. did you see the beach scene and paint clip from the upcoming ep on youtube? haha, they're GREAT.)
3/17/2010 c1 Kiley
Ohh very interesting i always knew patrick was sweet without trying to act luje a badboy

their are sneakpeeks up on youtube, hulu, and the 10 things abcfamily websit I'm so excited 
3/17/2010 c1 UYGHBJH
This was great. You managed to write a cute story and keep them in character. Great work.

Much Love,

Santiva Potter
3/17/2010 c1 5rndfaace
Haha! Ethan DOES have a baby face.

Cute. :D

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