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5/21/2020 c6 Noxy the Proxy
….Crap! This is getting good.
6/21/2014 c2 Guest
Is sorata gay
10/8/2013 c6 LanenMoon
Still hanging in for your story. Glad I found it again so I could track it. BTW- I agree with your assessment of past Urahara attitude.
11/10/2012 c6 niki
Pppppppppllllllllllllleeeeee eeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeee eeee make a next chapter! That was a HUGE cliffhanger! This is sooooo good.
4/7/2012 c2 Sky Revolution98
really good so far! you have good grammar, very awesome detailing, and this story really captures one interest!
4/1/2012 c6 8digiwriter1392
3/31/2012 c6 procrastination tomorrow

totally awesome. I just discovered this fic and it completely sucked me in. I love that Ichigo went this far back in time and is in soul society. I really like time travel fics, but they always seem to be about changing the rescuing arc or about ichigo attending the academy. I really love the way you incorporate the movie into this.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes up next and what happens with the hollow! Keep up the terrific work
3/30/2012 c7 35in-silent-seas
This is amazing so far!

And I thought the battle scene was good owo

Update soon?

3/30/2012 c5 KaKashiisWifey
LOL bya-bo, little ball of fire that he is, that was very funny. on anothe rnote, i kinda feel like your writing ichi a little too mean. He's not usually this cold to ppl who've done nothing to him when they first meet.
3/30/2012 c7 HikariFighter
First of all, I am seriously loving this fic. Good job ;)

Right now, I don't have any ideas about how to improve the battle... But I'll think about it and PM you if I come up with anything :)

(Feel free to do the same if there's anything else I can help with :D)
3/29/2012 c6 5Shunkaida ByaSaJu Yukish
*Falls off chair*
10/1/2011 c4 Aftonen
I can already tell this is an amazing story, and I can't wait for your next update. I'll be able to give better reviews with good constructive criticism by chapter 6, can't wait 'till then. ^^
7/26/2011 c4 thegoldfishassassin
ooohhh nnnooo (slaps hands ond cheeks and has shocked face)
6/12/2011 c4 Lanen
(chanting in background)And today the fans offer up cookies, brownies, cute bunnies, and the winning lotto numbers before they're chosen to the author in hopes of an awesome update XD
5/15/2011 c4 MikaBee2434LOVE
I really like this story please contiune also Is ichigos dad going to be a captin because the story is set sO far in the past?/?
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