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4/1/2010 c2 5chickenbiscuit
Sweet, fluffy, fluffy moments~ they make my day. And Akiko is just so intuitive. You've really brought out one of the part I like most about her.

Huh, but I'm losing count - is it the fourth murder? Or the forth one in that week (since things are speeding up)...?

Tsk tsk, Raiya's careless. Letting down her guard in "enemy" ground. What if some weirdo's hanging around the place? And for a moment, I read "My, my, aren't we a bit Bitchy tonight?" Oh my dear eyes. (bit + twitchy = bitchy)

I love Sojo. I really really do. You had him acting as the caring but slacking older brother one moment, then the michevious tengu the next. I love you for creating him too. And the last four lines of their interaction had me laughing no matter how many times I read it. Not that locking him up will be any good. He's too crafty for that, for all his laziness.

Uh, how did Raikou know they're out there? No signals this time... And, they're outside the compound right? Will there be benches? I always thought it's just the wall lining a long road. At least, that's what the manga/anime always depict.

Lavender AND jasmine! *mouth agape for 5 minutes while mozzies fly in* I..I...I can't find any response to that. Brain overload. You've killed me. XD
3/17/2010 c1 chickenbiscuit
Yay! It's up! I love the spookiness of the first part. And the gallows humour - "It was over in seconds- for the dead at least" had me grinning like a lunatic. And the title! Lovely. *heart*

Genbu and Taiin, going out a-fishing~ Lalala~~ *coughs* Sorry, can't help it. The image was just too serene and cute.

Couldn't help wondering who's going to give Masa-chan the long-winded lecture. Narichika? Reminds me of Seimei. LOL. Tanuki-jiji! XD

Hm, actually the length is ok now. You've managed to pack quite a bit of tibits into this prelude as well. Gimme more!

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