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1/16/2013 c10 4HalfwayParanoid
Well,...dang. I was hoping for something different. I feel bad for Kaiya. Dang. This was good though, sad but good.
11/3/2011 c10 LKyellow
Beautiful. I had planned to say a lot more, but I can't remember any of it now. :P
7/10/2010 c8 1Arugula Pacioli
oh wow, I loved this chapter:D
5/20/2010 c10 4SuShiLove
You finally posted the last chapter! It was great. :) You've done an awesome job, freedom shot point blanc. I will look forward to your future works.
5/19/2010 c7 1Adellabella
Oh, so they are still in schoooool! I see, silly me. XD I apologize for the comment I made in the first chapter. ♥
5/19/2010 c3 Adellabella
Mr. Ohtori is lusting after Haru-chan ~ *le gasp* XD
5/19/2010 c2 Adellabella
Adorable. XD Fate indeed dislikes Kaiya very, very much.
5/19/2010 c1 Adellabella
How does this story NOT have asdfghjkl reviews! It's awesome, so far. :D Oh, a little pointer (to ease my inner wanna-be-perfectionist), Kaiya would be at least twenty-six before she could practice law. But, that put aside. I absolutely adore this fic!

I shall shower it with moe love! Yes I shall! Yes I shall! XD
5/18/2010 c10 2The Biggest Bugger
...I'm so sad...it's over...

...the story's so sad...it's over...

...it's a sad day...


...because it's over...

REALLY, THOUGH: I loved and thoroughly enjoyed this story with all its coffee and bitterness and awesomeness (word?).

Thank you for writing this.

-The Biggest Bugger
5/18/2010 c10 Cupcake.Chan.95
oh nooooooooooooo, how sad...

(I actually cried Q_Q)

So... this is it?

How really sad...

I liked it, anyway...

There'S no chance for a sequel or further chapters, is there?

Thanks for the awesome read...

I'm gonna check out your other stories...
5/18/2010 c9 Cupcake.Chan.95
I cheer for more romantic scenes with Kyoya and Kaiya (pretty please with a red, superawesome cherry on top?)

Because I love the pairing.

But if that doesn't happen...

Well, Hideki isn't bad either...

5/18/2010 c8 Cupcake.Chan.95
This chapter was to good to be so short...

Luckily, there are two more up, so I'll be fine...

Yeah, 2:0 for Kaiya!

Take that, Haruhi!

5/18/2010 c7 Cupcake.Chan.95
Kyah, Cute half-british student confessing to favorite OC ever :O Awesooooome xDDD

I don't like the idea of Haruhi and Kyoya.

But that's maybe because I don't like any idea of haruhi if it doesn't have chainsaws in it... :D
5/18/2010 c6 Cupcake.Chan.95
OMG O.o''

I thhink it's because of the time and sleepiness (in my county it's almost 11pm right now) but I didn't reaise until the end of the chap they actually kissed _

That's so surprising...

I like Kaiyas coffee addiction, btw...

It's entertaining xDDD
5/18/2010 c5 Cupcake.Chan.95
Gosh, this story is just becoming better with every chapter...

ANd gosh, i hate haruhi...

Well, I need to read on...
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