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3/5 c44 78erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
2/19 c1 Hadami
The nickname "Az" makes me want to curl up into a ball and die.
Why are fanfic writer's so obsessed with coming up with shitty nicknames?

Other than that, nice.
2/12 c44 Guest
I know Coeur has a learning disability and possibly aids but he tries his best. Reminds me of another story that covers the struggles of someone who is also retarded..

"mr grimjaw" explored topics about retardation in a very well written self insert fic, if you support Coeur and his mental instabilities than come give this a try, and maybe leave a positive review since it is written better then this story. Here is the story and author link...


2/10 c44 1RandyKaguyaofthewasteland
the most recent chapters have been interesting. i loved mai's little childhood snippet. I would love to see the gang reacting to the story of the time azula declared ty lee a traitor for not hating the rain like any proper citizen of the firenation.

of course ange has to make a fuss about killing ozai. it's in character but it's also rather overplayed. Personally I think it would serve him right to miss the entire battle and come back to find azula already killed ozai but with greater casualties than canon.

it would be interesting to see an ending where someone other than the avatar is the hero of the hour. any chance of a korra pov for the epilogue? maybe one without a repuplic city?

keep up the good work, stay healthy, and have a nice day.
2/10 c44 MrGrae
Brilliant chapter. I don’t care how messed up your update schedule is, as long as the chaps r as good as this one
2/4 c44 1Pridesbane
I love it!
1/30 c44 6MintIsMeth
Loving it! Keep it going!
1/26 c44 7RedHood001
Ooooooooooh, Azula's points are very good. The fact is that none of them know about energy bending to make Ozai not be able to bend. And also, Azula's character as a whole can't comprehend some things that Aang is struggling with, to take a life, mainly because Aang's whole culture is the emphasis that life is precious. While Azula, growing up in the Fire Nation with Ozai's influence... need I say more?

Zuko understands that Aang is young but honestly, they are ALL STILL KIDS. Most of them are just forced to grow up quicker than they should and practically all of them have tragic pasts. But I also love the way Azula is just breaking down a bit. I feel like this is the first time that has happened since the Agni Kai between Zuko and Ozai.
1/25 c44 BlackSwan265
Exciting! I actually do agree with Azula on the whole killing ozai thing; I think Aang not killing Ozai would have had HUGE political implications and problems for Zuko and yet no one brought that up in the show, so I'm glad you've had Azula point that out here. He definitely needed someone to outright tell him how dumb not killing Ozai would be... but now i'm wondering whether Ozai will be killed or not! Great chapter and I can't wait for the next update!
1/22 c1 StarkLeeRavenMad
I've been following this story for at least 5 years now and haven't lost interest, so bravo on the consistently excellent updates that make it worth the wait. I really enjoy your take on Azula's character if she cared about her brother, and enjoy her interactions with the Gaang and Zuko
1/22 c44 Mucho
Wow! I read that in one day. This is amazing! I love that you stick close to Azula's character and this is what I imagine her to be if she ever gets a redemption arc. She is neither a hero or a villain. She is just a practical and rational person, and I love every bit of it.
1/22 c44 1hyrushoten
So I had one problem with this otherwise excellent chapter. The problem is you're treating travel as a free action that takes almost no time. They manage to go from the island to a small village in the earth kingdom and then all the way to Ba Sing Se in one day? Those are distances that used to take them days and weeks to travel. Now granted I think the show did something very similar at the end, but that doesn't make it much better as it was still sloppy and unbelievable then as well.
1/21 c44 6almostNEET
We're so so near to the end now. Hopefully, sometime in the future we see the proper conclusion to this great fic.
1/21 c44 7Frosty Wolf
I don't think Azula will forgive Toph for forcing her into a group hug, I really don't.

And Aang took Azula telling him to kill Ozai about as well as I thought he would, which is about as well as canon. Not sure if he'll get away with removing the mans bending here as well. I mean, I get it! He's a kid who was raised by monks, his hesitation is natural.

I'm honestly looking forward to seeing how Iroh reacts to his niece, if I remember correctly their last meeting wasn't a pleasant one!

So close to the end that I can taste it! Looking forward to seeing how you end this.
1/21 c44 3Completely Confunded
One of my favorite parts about fanfiction is the surprise updates from authors who've been MIA for years.

Thank you for continuing! This is the first ATLA fanfic I read years ago, and what inspired me to watch ATLA in the first place.
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