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11/9/2015 c10 27CharlieBoneFan
4/15/2010 c10 1hansrach
OMG! I love this story it is so fluffy. So sorry if I spell something wrong, but you know me, always messing up, but full of sprit. You have to write more. This is too go of a story to go to waste. Although, you might want to get so more GREAT ideas from your BFF. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write more. I'll be waiting. MHUA HA HA!
4/14/2010 c10 7Dem0nL0rd Lucy
AWESOME! and u said @ skewl that i wouldnt finish it in one day but looky here i did! haha...i think i sound a little like March and Hatter, but oh well.

i really did like this and i am hoping for yet another AWESOME story, and yes AWESOME is all i can say for this story because well, i cant think of any other word that describes this story.
4/14/2010 c4 Dem0nL0rd Lucy
wow...i really like the chapie and with all the Hatter's little thing about that he would go out into the worl we two equally mad friends...lol that should most likely be INSANE! but still a good chapie
4/8/2010 c10 sarahbluerose13
i loved it it was adorable and lived up to all my expectations thank you so much for wrighting it!
4/8/2010 c10 4SesshiraRayu
Please Update Soon!
4/8/2010 c1 2Fallarin
Ouch. This is the first negative review I have ever given, but this fic is so bad that I felt compelled to do it. From a layout standpoint, it's atrocious: your spelling, punctuation, and lack of paragraph structure are so bad that it's clear you have done no editing whatsoever. Your form is slovenly, and you should be ashamed of submitting something of such low quality.

It only gets worse from there. You appear to have no idea that Alice not only is *not* Tim Burton's character, but that both the book Alice and the movie Alice live in the 19th century. That's the 1800s, in case you weren't sure, which judging from your attempts here, you're not. And even in 21st-century England, there is no such thing as high school.

I'm not telling you not to write. I would never suggest such a thing to any hopeful author. However, if you want to avoid flames even worse than mine, you had better do a little research before you embark on such an atrocity again. If I was Tim Burton, I'd sue you just for bad taste. Lewis Carroll, the poor man, is turning over in his grave.

But you probably don't know who Lewis Carroll even was.

Kill me now.
4/7/2010 c9 sarahbluerose13
i love it so far but yes ultimatly i would like a little more fluff but im a fluff kinda girl i love reading things that make me smile like mad so its up to you more than likly i will love whatever you right btw having black rabit come in to save the day was way cool ;)
4/5/2010 c8 4SesshiraRayu
OMG... Please Update Soon!
4/5/2010 c8 sarahbluerose13
i think the black rabit and Nivens being togathter would be adorable they both seem so nice
4/4/2010 c7 sarahbluerose13
do i count if i have reviewed already? thx so much for getting this up fast i actually read it at 8:00 this morning but hd to rush off to church and wasnt able to review. i love how smart you made Nivens he always seemed kinda spacy but in this hes the smart computer guy. i would so love to hang out with these charactors anyways thx so much for updating ;)
4/4/2010 c5 SesshiraRayu
Why didn't you describe March very much?
4/4/2010 c7 SesshiraRayu
OMG I'm addicted! This is awesome!
4/3/2010 c6 sarahbluerose13
yay a new chapter thx so much still worried about poor alice i really want to hurt that jeff guy could i pound him into a pulp and then hand him over to the police? anyway plz keep updating these stories are the only way im making it through the day recently and i have to go back to school on mon why is spring break so short! anyways thankyou for the story
4/1/2010 c5 sarahbluerose13
oh my gosh i love this story plz continue it! its really cool thinking of alice as a teenager in a more modern time I just hope shes ok im so worried! sorry im a little weird and charactors feel real to me i may be more than a little mad but all the best people are right!*worried face* i hope
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