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4/1/2010 c19 9primadonna cat
I'm so glad you wrote this piece!

Did Castiel's grace flow into Sam or just into the ground around him? Grace is pure creation.

Can't wait for the prequel.
3/28/2010 c18 primadonna cat
I read these out of order, but when Sam dug up Colt and saw the sigils and grew faint, I was sure he was looking at himself. You just threw me off by saying that he was dark blond, so then I was thining of Dean.

I really really enjoyed the story and love how you wrapped it up. No wonder why the Campbells became hunters, but so strangely, they "fathered" their own family. Talk about "I am my own grandpa"! :D Excellent eye for deatil and continuity within your story.
3/22/2010 c14 primadonna cat
love how you just ended that with that forboding line to Sam!
3/22/2010 c13 primadonna cat
Love this back story. It's true John was an innocent and I just love how the Campbell's were the ones who knew all about hunting. So I realy like how John learned about YED and Sam's destiny possibilities.

Very cool.
3/22/2010 c1 1DuttyDawn
I love the first chapter (and marked the story so I can come back later and read the others). It's nice and sad to see the start of it. For English not being your first language I couldn't tell. Well done!
3/21/2010 c11 timetowaste247
I really like this story so far. The show has got into family history and how it relates to what is happening today so it is nice to see a story following that path. It kinda sucks that after you started this the vessel bloodline thing was revealed to be apart of John`s family.

Can`t wait to find out what is in their family history that they don`t want Sam and Dean to know.
3/21/2010 c1 9primadonna cat
Wow! You just put this whole massive piece up today? I hope you do complete it. It's very good. It appeals to the way I think and the style I prefer to read. I love that you have worked with what little we know of the Campbells and have created a rich back story. I much love Elizabeth. I have read up to chapter 14 and am wondeing what bad things Rapheal has planned.

Appearently the Australian demeanor in writing is the same as the US. I do not notice anything different in the style with one exception, the use of "mum". No American that I know of says mum unless they were born somewhere else. That's okay.

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