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for Finding My Uke

10/4/2012 c1 3Soul Vrazy
OMG this was really good story!
1/31/2012 c1 13Ioga
Hey, followed a story alert on a story of mine to your profile and picked up this one as having more fantasy and the deal was sealed at the mention of feline folk. :) I'm not really familiar with Gundam Wing from before, so I really appreciated the explanations where they appeared. I got lucky here: your more-complex-than-usual AU setup made the story more accessible for an out-of-fandom reader than an average fanfic would have been. :)

I got the impression from googling up Trowa afterwards that the whole Neko society and the mating biology were your setup (or of the birthday hero?). Very cute and a powerful plot device! The human "bonding" sounded more serious as a term than "mates" though, made me wonder if there was something extra to their habits in this world as well. Mixing doms/subs into the equation was amusing, although it wasn't that actively used in the end.

In the start the names whizzed past me kind of fast (I was trying to match the numbers from the summary with the names, but Wufei and Heero had me stumped since they don't remind me of number words I know of). I soon learned that Trowa was a Neko and had trouble finding a mate, but the other four got blended into each other rather efficiently - which one was the healer, was one of them the king or something again, who was female and who was male. If you get around to editing this at some point, do point out earlier that one of these guys has a _braid_, that was an instant hotness doubling! (Also, it helps keep track of who does what at the saving-privates-of-Ryan, I mean, Hikria, where these guys are described rather than named.)

Minor typos: saviours - saviour's (snarl), "You to..." - too, and "blah blah blah Name" usually likes to have a comma before Name. Like "good to meet you Hikria" - you, Hikria.

All in all, a pleasant story! Thanks for this!
3/22/2010 c1 FanFictionFiend
Aw~! I absolutely loved this! ^.^ This story made my day with the fantasy world you created and the cute little love story of Trowa's. :)


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