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for Nucleotide: The Aftermath of Lordgenome

2/7/2016 c15 Guest
Best of luck! really enjoyed the story, it was epic.
3/2/2013 c14 9Also Sprach Mina
Finally caught up to it and I must say, I really loved this story. All the twists and turns had me going; and I want to read more.

Amazing job to the both of you. :)
2/27/2013 c5 Also Sprach Mina
Really loving the story now. Wonder what plans Ribo has for Yoko...? Another thing, I loved the way you showed how intense Enzai was and how insane Clora is.

Love it. :)
2/26/2013 c1 Also Sprach Mina

Since you asked me to read one of your stories, I did so. The first chapter drew me in and I really like what I read so far! I'm gonna continue reading... so see you once I catch up!
9/7/2012 c14 3mark-engels
Really a fantastic piece of work. Kudos to the author and your beta reviewers. I've been enjoying the new characters as well as those from the canon. Your portrayals have been in character and very interesting to read. I do enjoy seeing Yoko "flying solo", and am very glad to see all of the Bachika sisters grab the limelight. Being a Simon & Nia fan (which reading my own work should be obvious) I would like to see more relationship development between the two or them, but there's seven years worth of timeskip to get around to that. For now, I'm enjoying the piece immensely. It's as engaging and enjoyable as the canon, and I look forward to reading more.

You know, were not for Kamina's character, I would have pegged Aumuna to be a Mary Sue. But then again, the juxtaposition is interesting that such a GAR character personality like Kamina would be inspire by such a GARette such as her. And Kamina, as we know, went on to inspire Dai-Gurren and Simon specifically. I can't wait to read about Simon and Aumuna comparing notes about their common bond.

The stars will shatter when Kuroko and Aumuna get within a length of each other! Looking forward to it.

7/29/2012 c14 3RebornExile
Looks like the story's getting closer to an all out war. Looking forward to it
7/22/2012 c14 19RandomNumbers523156
Short, but really interesting chapter, because, with Aumuna, the team has actually a seasoned fighter that can put some strategic sense in them. Nice job!
2/24/2012 c13 4nz-999-schwarzritter
More Aumuna, si'l vou ple (I think that's how its written)!

I like this. I really like it. I'll have to rewatch Gurren Laggan to refamiliarize with a few things I seem to have forgotten, but I still loved it.
12/29/2011 c13 Atrum Nocturne
Aumuna is going to freak out when she actually gets to see Simon fight. The fact that Cannon just did a time skip and failed to show the development of the Brigade always bothered me. In my view you have created a perfect season that can go between the two major arch. I hope you continue with this story.
11/18/2011 c13 15Ayala Atreides
Aumuna missed her chance for the honor of taking down Lordgenome! If only she'd broken out of jail a few months sooner, eh?

Truly an epic victory for the Dai-Gurren Brigade, and done in true Dai-Gurren style too. Sad to see the deaths of so many of Aumuna's comrades, but that's war, right?

Going to add this to my alerts and await the next chapter!
11/17/2011 c12 Ayala Atreides
And here we meet a bunch of entertaining minor characters! Cool.

And I like the growing friendship between Yoko and Kuroko.

"Even further away, Yoko twitched in her sleep. She muttered something incomprehensible, of which the only audible word was "show-off"."

LOL, nice. XD
11/17/2011 c11 Ayala Atreides
I like this Aumuna lady, she's pretty cool. And she met Kamina's father as a child? Interesting.
11/17/2011 c10 Ayala Atreides
Enki and Gilga, huh? Clever. :P

And poor Kiyal! :( That reminds me- I always wondered how the Black Siblings felt about Viral joining the Dai-Gurren Brigade, since out of all its members, they suffered the most at his hands. Kittan seemed to accept it pretty easily, but I wonder about the sisters. I don't know if you're planning on having Viral switch sides as he did in the show, but if that's going to happen, then it could be something to explore in future chapters!

And poor Brigade, too, suffering such heavy losses.
11/16/2011 c9 Ayala Atreides
Nice to see some interaction between Kiyoh and Dayakka. I always wished the anime had shown something like that before they got married in the second story arc. I don't think we even saw them interact onscreen at all prior to that!

Another epic battle, awesome.
11/16/2011 c8 Ayala Atreides
I don't think I've ever seen Simon/Kiyal before, albeit one-sided in this fic. An interesting choice.
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