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8/3/2012 c6 MoonfireArt
It's truly a shame when authors let good stories die...
6/2/2012 c6 KL
No more? Oh please I love your fic, you are a such a great artist.
11/27/2011 c6 Anonymous
Extremely well done.

Wasn't meant for me though. By the time I finished with the story, I wanted Shinji to be dead for his acts.

Nice work on the story though.
1/9/2011 c6 12birthofthecool
I can't believe how good this story is.

This is as gutwrenching as the original and you've nailed them both so well, sadly that is exactly what could become of them.

Funny enough is that Shinji really is more of an asshole than she is รก bitch. In NGE it was just the other way around.

Anyway I'm hoping we'll get to see a new chapter soon and hopefully i will be a happy end

Oh, to be honest, one thing is bothering me a bit, that is 3I. In your story civilisation seems to have returned to normal pretty soon, plus why would Kaji be alive again, he died long before 3I?
12/7/2010 c6 IOU
This is the best story I've read in a while. Please update soon. We need good Asuka/Shinji fics.
11/29/2010 c6 Jedi Mindfuck
You-Must-Update! Please! All the recent fics suck ass. Yours is awesome! Give us more! Save Shinji and Asuka!
11/29/2010 c6 Mr No One
I like this revised chapter better. You got end this with a happy ending. Update soon.
11/27/2010 c6 craig ikari
please get chapter7 up soon. i have to see what Shinji does about Toji, its nerve wrecking. (sign of a good drama)
11/23/2010 c6 Blondgirl
Wow, good job with revamping your last chapter. I agree with KillTheRabit, there should be a happy ending. 3
11/22/2010 c6 FML
Great redo with this chapter. I think Toji should show up, let Asuka kick his ass for a good ending, and then have Shinji settle down with Asuka.
11/12/2010 c6 1Quincy80
I'm enjoying reading this train wreck drama. Which is unusual for me, keep it going.
11/5/2010 c6 Elbertkun
keep up the good work.
11/5/2010 c6 Canuck101
I'm not able to reveiw this chapter two times so I'm reviewing it like this.

If I was Shinji, after the kiss, I would look up into the sky and say "you know what? Fuck Toji" and walk into the house.

I mean sure, you can have Shinji go looking for Toji, but I think it would be better if Toji came looking for Shinji. That way Asuka can have her say to.

I still think Shinji shouldn't lay a finger on him. I think he should almost, and then someone like Asuka or Misato flooring Toji.

I like this ending better than the last, a lot. A couple times it had me going "what the fuck" to both Shinji and Asuka, but after she picked up the phone it was like "ooohh".

Good job (I was just thinking this needed an update).
11/5/2010 c6 KinOnizuka
The add-on was excellent. You made Asuka come out of her shell and is going to finally make Shinji man up to make a choice for himself. No more heroic martyr sacrificing himself to make others happy. If Shinji wants to be with Asuka then say it. That self-sacrificing BS is more narcissistic then thoughtful. Great work cannot wait to see how you follow up this chapter.
11/4/2010 c6 2Weapon-VII
Wow, I mean I know this story is so fucked up. I just can not help but love it. I love how everyone is screwing everyone, and just causing a whole slew of problems. The only one not involved in this is Kenny. Can't wait for your next update.

On a darker side in some parts of the story it got hard to figure out who was talking at first glance. A quick reread, I was able to figure it out. Other than that, your story is pretty much gold.

Hope you update soon!
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