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12/31/2010 c9 deactivatedsinceforever
"To Yuri, his lie was completely transparent, but what was he supposed to say? Oh, sorry, I was kind of having a freak out over the fact that our kissing and stuff might have the beginnings of actual feelings behind it. Yeah, no."

-_- Dammit Yuri!

...they were probably relieved that the extent of their daughter's teenage rebellion came in the form of hair dye.)

Uhh... Viva la rebellion?



Witcher's nerdiness put Flynn's to shame—

He's simply too White and Nerdy.

Yuri had seen him in the student lounge several times playing some kind of magical card game with a group of guys who looked equally socially awkward.

You know, I just can't resist making this joke, mostly because I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's while reading this (Yusei is the Yuri Lowell of Yugioh) so here it is:


Awesome chapter as always! And Happy New Year to you.
11/24/2010 c8 deactivatedsinceforever
Damn it... Your stories make it hard for me to keep the fangirl side of me under control...
11/24/2010 c6 deactivatedsinceforever
Drake! I knew I knew his name from somewhere. Haha, I love Duke-y so much! He's so cute!
9/8/2010 c8 11Kichi Hisaki
This chapter was very dark. Well, not very dark, but much darker than the other chapters. It was a very sad look into Yuri's life situation and his orientation. But still good. Still very, very good.

Give Yuri a hug and a bowl of soup for me, okay? It cures everything! (Truth, I tell you! My mother had the cold once, so I said, "You need a hug and a bowl of soup," gave her a hug, made her a bowl of soup, and voila! She was all better the next day!)

Update soon!
9/7/2010 c8 Guest
So much love for this! Ah so much has happened since the last time I read all this! My life is CRAZY thing. And it's really sad about the foster service shutting down wtf really?
9/7/2010 c8 5Ana Paula92
I just love the way this story unfolds. It's so... realistic, both the situation and Yuri and Flynn's reactions.

They are so cute together ^^
9/7/2010 c8 57Rydia Asuka
So, this made my day when I discovered it right before I hoped on the bus for a 7 hour trip. It gave me something to read for a little while, anyway. XD

I love how you made Yuri (typically) good at math. Whenever I RP him in a highschool or university setting, I do, too, so it's...nice to see someone else do so. Makes me feel less crazy. :D Like there's some validity to my claim, or something.

ANYWAY. Wow, that's...weird and sad about the whole foster care incident. I mean, even coming from a religious background myself, I still can't agree to that. Those poor children. It IS interesting to see Yuri's reaction to it. That would definitely be a hard situation, especially for someone like him.

Loved the last little scene with Flynn. It's so...obvious he wants to know, yet he's holding back from asking because...well, he's Flynn. It was sweet, in its own way. It's going to be interesting to see how this progresses.

Looking forward to more, as always. :D
9/6/2010 c8 7orangepotato
This completely made my weekend! I was having a horrible week and then, bam! My weekend was absolutly amazing and then when I saw that you had updated this? I danced around my room. XD I've also been dieing to read more on this ever since I started college myself. XD The first day I wondered to myself... when's Back Where We Started going to update, I need some college fanfiction right now! XD

Very good chapter by the way. I really enjoy the emotion you put into this story. The characters always seem life like, almost like watching a movie instead of reading a story. I like Yuri's point of view too. XD I felt for him with the prom thing. He tries so very hard to be the perfect son for his foster parents and in turn, can't really be the person he is. XC Great job writing that too, you can tell his feelings.

Also, I had to feel for Yuri. Math has never been my strong suit, and him struggling with algerbra like things? Yeah, I totally know where he's coming from. XD

I don't know much about adopting anyways, but I'm glad you go out and do research about your chapters. It helps add a lot. In your authors note, it is sad. I'm a christian and I can say that some christan's are idiots. XC I'm contemporary and completely fine with gays and whatnots, but I know that the older branches(like Catholics) have a hard time with things like that. It's very sad that they shut down an entire adoption group because they were worried about gay families. That's human nature though, to fear what is not understood.

Ah, we get a 'proper' kiss. XD I much enjoyed that scene. XD When you talked about them going into the depths of the library, I was wondering if something was going to happen. I'm happy that it did and it wasn't something to terrible. I love how you are keeping with that 'slow and steady wins the race' mentality. XD

I'm curious about the dream. It's very true that when you have a lot on you mind, such as Yuri does, it feels like your drowning and it can come out in your dreams... wanna see what you plan to do with Yuri's psychology as things progress.

Very interested to see all Yuri has to hide. He's one of those people who doesn't share much of himself, so I'm excited to see how you mess with that in coming chapters. XD

I'm so happy you updated! Hope everything is going well in your life and that you can continue on. XD

Looking forward to the next chapter! I can't wait to see what you do with Yuri and Flynn's relationship, Yuri's adoption thing and of course, their school lives in general.

Update soon,

9/6/2010 c8 5RavenGhost
Ugh. That's horrible that the Catholic church has made it that much harder for loving gay parents to adopt foster kids who need said love. It makes me sick. Enough about that though...

Great chapter! As always, you've managed to keep my attention! I've never been in a library as big as the one you're describing before, seeing as how I go to a community college-but it sounds pretty cool. Even though the seriousness of the chapter you've still managed to get Yuri to crack a few perverted jokes and get Flynn to blush. (Not to mention kiss Yuri. :P) I can't wait for the next chapter! Until then, take care! :)
9/6/2010 c8 8FreezingValentine
Yay! Thanks for a new chapter! Iv'e been waiting sooo much for this, and it was definitly worth it.

I got a little confused in the beginning of the chapter, with the prom thing and the stuff right after... Maybe it's because I'm sick at the moment, it tends to make me confused XD

Great content either way and I look forward to hear more from you! Good luck with writing and everything else that may be happening ^^
9/6/2010 c8 2Azure-Wulfe
That Sodia; trouble in every reality. *sighs*

I can she she's going to cause problems in the future :3

Still, i think Flynn more than made up for her hassling Yuri with his little bit of spontinaety in the library ;)

Cuteness! :D
9/6/2010 c8 7WildfireDreams
XD everyone is perfectly in character and Sodia is so very Sodia XD
9/6/2010 c8 Seraphic Dragon
Oooh, an update! Yey! I was so happy when I found this pleasant surprise.

Anyways, I read your little author's note, and it made me think about the library at my friends college. It's 7 stories high without the basement. And it's pretty scary, actually... That's probably because of the top floors being further out than the bottom floors huh...

It's kinda shaped something like this (hope it comes out alright)

\ /

\ /

\ /

| |

/ \

| |

/ \

9/5/2010 c8 6RisingTwilight
Oh man, I loved the Yuri-Flynn interaction in this chapter. Definitely laugh-worthy material. And awwww, poor Yuri. He's got some issues, it seems. As always, this story impresses me with both it's characterization and realism-and it really is sad that the foster-care disbanding is based on a true story. Sometimes we live in a strange world. Well, I'll be eagerly awaiting your next chapter!
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