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4/8/2010 c5 1TheEvilSmileyFace
4/8/2010 c5 2wisegirlx17
"Baby, you're my forever girl." YES FTW! Best Avatar reference ever! Hahahaha... I loved this chapter! So intense. You are such a great writer! Congrats on the first story in a while! I love it! :) GOOD JOB TWIN!
4/7/2010 c4 1Child of the Doomed
I find it slightly odd that while reading this chapter, instead of fawning over the sexiness that is definitely Annabeth, I kept thinking about how badass she'd probably look in a trench coat...

Amazing chapter, by the way. =) I demand more. More, I say!
4/5/2010 c4 tttt
great story next chapter plz
4/5/2010 c4 7Xx VioletBaby12 xX
Loved the latest chapter, i was feeling a little nervous my self :)

Please update soon.
4/4/2010 c4 3CarthynZamb
so so so good!
4/4/2010 c4 2wisegirlx17
Another amazing chapter! You are one of the most amazing writers ever! Ahh I love this chapter! Keep it up Twin! Love you :)
4/4/2010 c4 trekkie56
i do love this story.

a lot.

you were wonderful. :) i personally don't think it was OOC at all! i mean, annabeth is underneath a lot of..stress? haha.

3/31/2010 c3 littlebird
loved it put next chapter up soon
3/30/2010 c3 7Xx VioletBaby12 xX
Percy just had to look at other girls *sigh* but i hope in the end it was just some miss understanding :) but, it's your story. Great job on the latest chapter by the way, it was amazing. please update soon.
3/30/2010 c3 3CarthynZamb
PLEASE keep writing!
3/30/2010 c3 loving it
love love love it
3/30/2010 c3 Storylover888
nice chapter!

3/30/2010 c3 1Child of the Doomed
Hm, I wonder what Annabeth would look like in heels. (Gawd, I love imagination.)

More seducing to come... yess. Give me more...
3/30/2010 c3 19Reesie-cup4545
the suspense is killing me. caugh, caugh
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