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5/8 c12 WildVillainOtaku
this fanfiction was absolutly brilliant!
8/28/2019 c12 Amethystri
I just finished my 3rd or 4th read through of this doc! I love it so much! It’s written beautifully and I’m just so glad that it exists.
2/5/2019 c12 Guest
I just finished binge reading this and it’s amazing I love it and your writing style is fantastic, the characterization is believable and realistic and it’s a beautiful piece of writing! You’re an amazing author
8/15/2018 c7 AShallowGrave
"Are you hungry? I could make us some dinner.'' Oh my God, I freaking love Remus ;D
8/15/2018 c1 AShallowGrave
Oh, wow... I really like this. And, can I just say, I am SO glad you gave Lupin a spine. Cuz, I really like him in the books; but in most of the fics I've read, he's just too soppy! But anyway, love this, keep up the good work! :)
7/4/2018 c12 Guest
This was an amazing fix kudos to u
7/4/2018 c2 Guest
Amazing ch
5/8/2018 c12 75Elillierose
Oh boy, was that a rollercoaster. I have to say, it's been a while since I stubbornly fought sleep just to read more if a fic. It was so amazing, and I absolutely adore the thought of someone such as Snape willingly opening up to another. It's such a rare thing for him, so it just makes it so much sweeter. And love that it was pure friendship. Nothing wrong with shipping, it's just rare to see platonic pairings. -'
3/24/2018 c12 FujoshiBaka00
I love this it's so cute
3/22/2018 c12 Mystical G Panther
3/22/2017 c1 5knopflerpettybowie
I've read this multiple times; it's very good
2/21/2017 c12 Guest
Aw :)
11/13/2016 c1 Sophie
One of my absolutely favourite fanfics. I have read this countless times, I have it saved to my phone and my computer and I will never get bored of it. I have tried to find fics like this and none come even close to how you have written Snape. I'm so in love with this fic!
10/30/2016 c2 Guest
You said he was hit by shrapnel, but then he takes a bullet out of his foot?
10/1/2016 c12 scgaraycochea
Thank you. I loved it. Is a very beautiful story.
Thanks again.
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