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for Rising Angel Return

5/9/2020 c11 Guest
Addd moooire
10/8/2018 c11 Desperate person
Where are you? Please end my misery and finish it, please I beg you! Just one more chapter at least
11/23/2014 c11 Puh- lease
11/18/2014 c11 Guest
Please keep writing I am in love with this story
11/8/2014 c11 lillonemoon
Love it
6/11/2014 c11 NamiKawaiiNeko
Wwwwwwhhhhaaaaaaattttttt?! Why you no update?! Why?!
3/16/2014 c11 4katzapped
Why are the hair-styling ladies all zombified? Are they into Max? Lesbian hair stylists in the middle of a Maximum ride fan-fiction... actually, it's not bad.
1/1/2014 c11 Guest
OOOOH I love this!
11/23/2013 c1 1F-You26
This is amazing. Prob the best fanfic about Max being kicked out I've found
9/28/2013 c1 ii
8/4/2013 c11 Guest
Ok so I have heard that you advice let's get down to business now shall makeovers and change them get the clothes Etc. Ok so I think that max should stay with the flock. Extend it no romance twins for max fang AND iggy ( they never have a twin for iggy). Make all the twins telepathic yknow with their twin . max should get more Powers like all the powers imaginable there should be a nudge and iggy no max and iggy too weird. Everyone powers increase in numbers but angels mind control should not increase in strength. They should save the world. The plan is let max be captured. And by the way max can block emotions such as pain or ache or other negative emotions or feelings or whatever you want to call it. And shedestrys the shook from the inside while the others rally up a mob to witness all the cruelty the world is saved then flash forward 12 years from now and now you can have all the couples and partners and end it anywY you want them still in hiding not wanting to expose themselves or they are fAmous and live happily ever after or whatever ending you want. My name is Krimson Arias
6/27/2013 c11 Guest
More please. This is like so f*%ing awesome.
10/26/2012 c11 28SnowTime
plz update this!
9/2/2012 c11 X- Frost Rider -X
8/3/2012 c11 Fallen ANGeL
This is really good keep writing.
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