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for Song Against Sex

2/14/2020 c1 Thank You
For The Story.
7/3/2016 c1 TouchDouche
I read what was bolded in parentheses as one. Beautiful
8/4/2015 c1 sabacat
Loved this!
5/19/2015 c1 sasunaru13
oh this is beautiful
3/27/2010 c1 4Kirisaki Hisoka
God. Totally beautiful!

Make more~!
3/26/2010 c1 5Mr. Sora Majiggers
oh wow i think how you made the titles was clever! ^ ^ i really like it great job!
3/26/2010 c1 Kirlia
This is lovely~! 3
3/26/2010 c1 Deleted Account 810
"Yeah whatever, sputnik."

3/26/2010 c1 2rockinmillie
Beast man. That was fucking beast. Liked the 'loved and lost' verses near the end; did you write that or is it from someone else?
3/26/2010 c1 grafomanka
this was simply ... oh... beautiful!

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