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5/15/2011 c2 15Nemaya
I absolutely LOVE this story so far. I can already imagine Heiji and Conan overload their brains trying to crack the 'trick', when there is no trick, just real magic.

I want to read more of this, so please, please, please continue writing! I added it to my story alerts.
4/27/2011 c2 Chocolaty Taste
Whew! I almost forgot how to log in *fail*. This just shows how long it has been since I reviewed. I'm sorry! FORGIVE MEE ;A;.

...This is also a short review relatively speaking *is shot*

Since I haven't read this for a while I might be repeating somethings. But again I really enjoy this fic idea. I'm really enjoy the fact that Harry is Head Auror. The idea of wizard + detective is like hnnnggg (full of win and love) and this second chapter shows EXACTLY why it's so full of win and love!

I'm glad you wrote in the Ginny part and the little conversation with Anne the secretary. Details like this make this even more "real" then it already is (are you sure you're not JKR? *suspicious*). I'm glad Harry is mature enough not to pull a "Kudo Shinichi" and go like OH NOTHING IS WRONG GINNY DEAR *smile unconvincingly while Ginny worries*. Good job older Harry. And good job older Ginny *pats*.

Hahah Ron, do you really expect yourself to be able to stop Hermione from rushing to Japan? I can so see her sweeping in and going YOU GUYS ARE HOPELESS before fixing whatever mess they got into xDD. If not I hope to see Hermione in this anyways, she's hilarious.

This line weirded me out a little:

"He cast an angry, hairy eyeball in the general direction of where Harry had secreted the note, then returned his gaze to the Head Auror."

I'm just picturing Moody's magical eyeball, just hairy and angry version. I had to read this part a few times. I'm just not used to reading the word "eyeball" in that way xD.

It IS interesting why they only started their "resurecting Voldy" plan after all this time. It could be that they were waiting for Akako to reach a certain age. I think I need to reread chapter 1 again...

It threw me off balance a bit when you said "Shinichi's bedroom door" instead of "Conan's bedroom door". But eh I know your writing and I know how you call Shinichi by his real name and Conan only if other people are calling him that (which is the way it should be, Conan is only his fake name dammit).

Oh dear, poor Kogoro is like the least informed person about this case in Japan xD. With Conan stealing all the newspaper clippings and all. I bet when Takagi/Satou ask him about it he'll be like "Hah -A-?" while Conan shoots him with the stun gun watch xD (poor Kogoro).

Since even the muggles realise something's seriously wrong last time there was "Voldy activity" it's natural they're notice something this time. I really REALLY love seeing things from their point of view, which we never GET from Harry Potter books. Not to mention our point of view this time is from some people who are brilliant and may actually figure things out. This is what makes this idea of Magic x Detective cross so exciting :)!

"Ever have one of those weird dreams that ya can't quite remember after wakin' up, Kudo?" Heiji sounded angered, and also slightly out of breath as he replied."



With Heiji's father the head of the police force the "magical weirdness" must be even more obvious to Heiji then to Shinichi. The effects of the magical weirdness on the police force is 33. Awww poor Heijis getting freaked *huggles him*. Most likely his memory is getting tampered with instead of Shinichi's. I wonder why they would make him think he called Shinichi? Maybe that's just a random thing...? Or not...

Ahhh why is this so much win I don't even-

All I can say is that the last part made me very very excited.

I really can't wait for the Harry crew meets Shinichi crew meets Akako crew. I just hope the world won't explode from the sheer awesomeness.

"I've talked with ya about this before, Kudo. Don't you go gettin' all weird on me too." There was was sounded like plastic crinkling. "I've had more'n enough of weird stuff lately."

Oh Heiji, if only you knew how weird things are going to get!
4/25/2011 c2 Immortalis Cruor Elf
update sooooooooooooon!
4/25/2011 c2 egyptianqueen777
ooohhh this is getting way good way fast! need more updates! i can't wait to see this story play out! lots of potential and the main plot hasn't even started yet!
4/24/2011 c2 2Guardian Writer
For another wonderful chapter, thank you!

I'll be sad that Hermione isn't going to Japan, but it makes more sense this way. Although, I just noticed, this is turning into a real boy's club. Harry, Ron, Shinichi, Heiji, Kaito...

The only girls who are in the know are Haibara and Akako.

Anyway, great job with the situation with the police. I always wondered how far the wizards could keep using the memory charm before people started to notice the weirdness.
4/24/2011 c1 Guardian Writer
This is without a doubt the best crossover I've read with Harry Potter and Detective Conan. Granted, there aren't a lot, but the attention to detail is amazing! I love how you managed to link up both worlds through Akako. This sounds like a wonderful ride, and I look forward to it.
11/2/2010 c1 Immortalis Cruor Elf
update soon!
8/10/2010 c1 WolfDaughter
And I find myself hooked on yet another of your stories! Hope to see an update soon!
7/30/2010 c1 egyptianqueen777
very nice. i'm interested in where this is going. update soon. this has lots of potential.
6/26/2010 c1 3alynawatlovers
hmmmm... sounds like this could get very interesting. ;D
6/21/2010 c1 2dblanc
In character for both fandoms, and very realistic concept with the whole "black witch" idea. Only thing I found a little off was how quickly Nanako gave Yachiru the info about Akako-do they know each other extensively? Other than that, very nice fic and premise. There aren't enough crossovers or fics involving Akako in this fandom. Please update soon.
5/13/2010 c1 DA0816
you should definitely continue this story!
4/28/2010 c1 Additional Stickers
Looking good! ^^b
I know this isn't the best crit but something seems... off...
Ah well, could just be me and my lack of sleep ;D
4/10/2010 c1 Chocolaty Taste
Short review with spelling mistakes. I'm at work D;. If I miss anything I will talk to j00 on msn :3.

Odd I can't seem to find this while scrolling around the DC fanfic page. Do crossovers have their own separate page?

The long chapter really does something for this fic. I swear until the mention of Takagi's name I was reading an excerpt from Harry Potter! It's just that marvelously written. It's somewhat different from your other fics (in a good way) which I find fascinating. Maybe it's the whole Harry Potter bit but I swear there is something different about this fic, something about the dialogue or sentence structure. It just "fits" together with the fact that this is a Harry Potter cross you know? I swear it's just as addictive as any HP book. I'm tempted to print this out so I can "flip" through it. I must have more soon *_*.

I love LOVE how you came up with this "black witch" business. It really sounds like the ministry to do something like this. Having Harry not recall something from his boring history of magic class is logical too xD. I find it great how you found a fun way of explaining the business it's very intricate (which I love). This explains why Akako is able to use her magic to enslave people without owls swooping around the place xD. It also explains why Egor said she's the "last" witch. Instead of meaning really last "magic user" you decided to say she's the last "black witch". From what I can see this fits very well. Great work!

I can't help but applaud how you decided to use older!Harry in this fic. As funny as it will be having teen Harry run around I can't see him being able to take charge and being knowledgeable et etc... I'm so used to him being rash and confused in the book xD. I can't WAIT to see who Harry and Ron will interact with. I wonder if Conan can figure out if there is something fishy about Mr.Potter and his company. Omg that will be awesome (and blow his poor detective brains xDD). Or maybe Satou and Takagi will figure it out first because they're memories are not properly tampered with (in account of the memory tweaks not being effective enough). That will be so cool.

I really really really love how you manage to keep everyone in character. You know how much I love ICness, it just makes the fic flow best. I especially love how you wrote Harry. He's "Harry" yet he's older and more experienced. I love how he cleans his glasses in disbelief and how he admittedly forgets his facts in history of magic xD. The stone gargoyles part is just soo cool Marie-sama *_*! It's just soo JK Rowling right there omg. It also shows Harry's maturity and how comfortable he is in the Magic world now. Omg how much he has grown xD.

(Just a note, gargoyles sprout water and grotesques are just statues I think. But then JK and many other writers make that mistake...I think people understood better since you say gargoyles :3)

Satou noticing how something is off about the crime scene is just like her. It's great how you can write this huge section on Harry yet still keep the "DC" part so IC *o*. I love how exciting this is. To think that there are wizards in the police like that. It makes perfect sense for them to be there though, to cover up crimes of the magical nature. It's kinda odd for fifth division to be homicide though. Of course I bet it makes sense because of some magical tweakings xD.

I find your OCs interesting. I admit I had a bit of trouble keeping track of them but then I did after the second reading or so. Poor Yachiru xD I have a feeling he's going to be exposed to a lot more weirdness soon (he'll probably shrug is off though). I find him really funny. From what I understand he's a Muggle that's exposed to a lot of weirdness like magical portals xD. I know Nanako's confidence in the overworked Obliviator will bring problems to her soon. Having 3 Aurors dressed up as policemen made me giggle too. I hope they're well versed in how muggle policemen act because I can see them do some really hilarious things with a straight face.

I find the Death Eaters interesting. I wonder what prompt them to start trying to res Voldy again? Especially now that it's 20 years later. I cannot wait until Akako appears omg.

Can't wait for the next chappie :3
3/28/2010 c1 16AriciaB
Wow! I like this! I'm gonna put this in my favorites and alertt! please update soon!
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