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8/11/2013 c1 10Lyoness of Avalon
So adorable! I suspect Rose was rather fond of Nine's leather jacket, just as she is fond of Ten's stripes.
I loved all the discoveries the Doctor made.
6/17/2013 c1 53KelseyO
If you'd been able to watch me read this, you would've died about sixty times over. At first I just had this huge wibbly-wibbly face because NINE I MISS YOU but then things started getting unbearably amusing and then I fucking LOST it when he mentioned the bikini and then I recovered a little and then lost it again when he came out of the bathroom in his swim trunks. I think my favorite part is when she said nothing feels domestic with the Doctor.

In conclusion, you are very good at making me feel a lot of emotions all at once, and if I'd been watching this instead of reading it, I would've had to pause it several times so I could get all my laughter out. This was an absolute JOY to read. It's the kind of fic that gives me so many feelings I can barely breathe, and yet I feel so light because it's so happy and sweet and cute and just ugh leave me here to die I guess idk
3/3/2013 c1 27Leca B
I really, really like the softness and light-hearted-ness of it. It was really adorable.
1/8/2013 c1 13Sapphiregirl
Beautiful. :) Greatly enjoyed this-thanks for writing it!
10/23/2012 c1 142950638
9/6/2012 c1 Sourdoughtoast
JFC that's it you're going on my favorites. You can manage happiness without unlikelihood.
7/29/2012 c1 zon12
"The Jersey shore," he announces stubbornly as he reaches her side, "is the Cardiff of the United States." - Best line ever and being a stubborn New Yorker I will now forever say this whenever my friends want to take the car ride over there when I'm tired lol.

Once again, Nine, Ten, and Tentoo .. I have no words to describe how in love I am with the way you write them. But mostly I love how Rose brings out their humanity in such tender and endearing ways. Sigh .. I love it.
3/8/2012 c1 ameliapendragon
Aw cute. I don't exactly LOVE Ten2, but I like this :)
2/15/2012 c1 32estrangedlestrange
This was really adorable, I liked the part about the NJ Shore beig the Cardiff of America and I really enjoyed the fact that it was at Jenkinson's Pavilion because that's the beach I went to while growing up. This was a fantastic one-shot(:
11/15/2011 c1 11Angela Jewell
Another wonderful one-shot. It was so fascinating how the scene stayed the same, while each version of the Doctor brought something completely new to the experience. And of course I love how it all came together, full circle, with the Doctor's duplicate. Lovely!
1/9/2011 c1 18Rose of Zakarisz
I absolutely love how you write 10.5. Most of the fics that I've read with him in it I find that I don't really see him as the Doctor. I'm realizing that with your fics, though, he fits in perfectly.
9/6/2010 c1 14StarryNight101

I totally loved it. It was hilarious, squeal-inducing, fluffy, romantic and adorable. ^_^
3/31/2010 c1 37My Barbaric YAWP
Love the bit about the ducks and Holden Caufield; it seems like the perfect allusion for 9/Rose, not to mention the adorable Susan episode. The voices of all three Doctors are distinct and remarkably well done. I love the contrast between 10 and 10.5, and the innate similarities they share regardless. All together, brilliant. Thanks for sharing!
3/27/2010 c1 131lauraxtennant
Oh my god I can't actually tell you how much I love this. I love it A LOT, which is just nowhere near enough words to express it. It's perfect. They are just adorable, in all three situations, and especially the last one. I'm in love with Doctor 3 times over. Wow. Thankyou for writing this :D
3/27/2010 c1 8Doctor.Whom
This is brilliant! Absolutely...brilliant! What a wonderful way of writing, and there are little sentences that just tug at your heartstrings...faved!

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