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5/2/2016 c31 Master Xehanort
i love it and will you be making a seqel to this my friend?
6/22/2014 c31 Guest
whatever happened to rouge?
7/6/2013 c31 Nasira
I think you need to upload the sequel soo because i'm looking forward to reading it my friend.
5/2/2011 c21 1Lunar Wolf Fenrir
I laughed at Sparrow lying his ass off 3
2/5/2011 c31 SaintNicholas119
This was a great story!
12/17/2010 c1 3AriesRei17
I haven't finished reading it, but it's really good so far.
12/6/2010 c7 32Little Kunai
ooh is this gonna be one of those stories where evil triumphs, i'd like to see more of that
12/6/2010 c6 Little Kunai
bigger and bigger maleficent is also underestimating the power of her allies enemies and has no idea what she's getting into.
12/6/2010 c4 Little Kunai
robotnik and shredder? ok shredder is cool but robotnik umm... interesting twists
12/6/2010 c2 Little Kunai
of course :P
12/6/2010 c1 Little Kunai
you've got me intrigued from the get-go
11/18/2010 c29 Furryfur
Poor Kefka...
11/4/2010 c31 1Lizard Valis
Good story by the way. It's interesting to see how Skeletor will fare now that he has been advised by Xehanort on how to manipulate people willingly.
11/3/2010 c31 8trickquestion
Wow... awesome ending to and awesome story! I can't wait for the sequel, and can't imagine who's gonna be in it! *coughToonPatrolcough*
11/3/2010 c31 Plutos
So this is the end awesome! Now Sora gets to try and hopefully save everything, cannot wait to find out who the guy manipulating Ilias and Aqua is, I'm guessing its... Ansem? or Xehanort?
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