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for The Space Between: Camp Cousland

2/19/2011 c3 1fifespice
he he love it
2/19/2011 c2 fifespice
lol shes evil loves to embarass blokes me thinks
2/19/2011 c1 fifespice
lol good start
2/18/2011 c3 Notnahtanha
*snorfling madly*

Poor, poor Elissa. If Alistair came anywhere near me topless, I'm not sure my willpower would be equal to the task of keeping my hands to myself.
8/31/2010 c2 3Tatsumarusmith
you scared poor anders away and made alistair blush you manipulative harpy. How dare you draw breath and not feel guilt. Jesse Cousland(your long lost brother) should come over there and hit you with his axe.LoL

In all seriousness, good story. Expect to have more reviews from Jesse Cousland.(Oh and im an assasinating duelist. Dont get on mah bad side.LulZ)
3/29/2010 c2 Lady Pounce-a-lot
lol, I suddenly feel very sorry for Anders. Don't start on the bitchy Warden...
3/29/2010 c1 73Lyonene
That's what any passersby would have to see; dead-Ander's penis. Is that really how you want to go out? Is it? -I was just having my morning orange juice, read that and wound up laughing it all down the wrong tube! LOL. Poor Anders!
3/29/2010 c2 3phoenixarchive
That's not safe for library reading. I got some weird looks for laughing out loud at a impolite volume XD Poor Anders.

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