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for Shadow Of The Fox

11/28 c1 4AadenHelan
i just ban the person who recommended this in my discord server
10/4 c33 1Darkfang333
chocolate milk?
9/14 c18 Ninjapizza8247
"I should know, I used to be one"

Orochimaru looks at her weirdly "wait so your a male now but you used to be a girl"

Also, great story so far can't wait to see how it ends up
8/5 c7 andrewtaylorapt37
Shishi knows that real gentlemen can not resist women who use the puppy eyes.
5/28 c11 White Sharigan
wind style great break through doesnt do bullets is a force of wind wind style wind bullets not a hate i seen a person hate of this
5/20 c33 12N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Wtf did he drink?
5/20 c27 N7 Greek-Valkyrie
I have to ask, WTF does Shishi keep going after? Dango?
5/19 c3 alittlelate
I am not one to usually judge a fanfiction hastily, but this thing is filled with more cliches than anything I have ever read. I finished the first two chapters by forcing myself to keep reading but that is as far as I'll go, sorry not my thing
5/4 c36 Calm Dragons
You should give Sasuke a harem too: Koharu, Fem-Homura, Fem-Danzo and Fem-Hiruzen
5/3 c9 Calm Dragons
I hope the Uchiha is killed
5/3 c7 Calm Dragons
Why isn't Sakura with Naruto :(
3/26 c1 TheFavourPhronesis
Okay, so pet peeve here. It makes no sense for Koharu and Homura, the Hokage's advisors, who are excellent ninjas (else they won't be his advisors) and war veterans to hate a jinchuriki.

I mean, it's okay if they fear him or don't like him. But restricting him from being a ninja, is just plain stupid.

He houses the most powerful of the biju in him, all that enormous chakra... Yet they want him to remain a fucking civilian?

A fucking defenceless CIVILIANN...

C'mon man, that's sloppy writing.

You don't get to seat on a council and be excessively emotional or stupid

Don't get me wrong, I love your story, but this is one of my biggest pet peeves in the Naruto Universe.
3/21 c48 2Shadow Wolflord
was that a warehouse 13 reference?
3/19 c27 Shadow Wolflord
hey how bout that hinita cooks children honestly sounds like something nakp would do
2/17 c1 1JustAnAverageGuy101
Like this so far
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