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1/13/2014 c39 3Bigreader in The Omniverse
Glad to see this story is still going. It had been so long since I read a chapter that I had to go back to the beginning and reread everything to catch up. Good story. But if I might suggest it is falling victim to a tendency to switch to to many view points too often in too many pieces of action/interest. I just get interested in one thing and we switch to another, and again and again and again. This happened a lot in books like Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. Good books, but near the later half there was a lot of people to keep track of and a lot of different stories to remember. Plus your skipping a lot of setup action stories that if you didn't watch every episode of stargate sg1 people might be confused. Example: Sam Carters father becoming a Tokra, I knew it because I'd seen the episode, but anyone who didn't was probably confused. Also you probably should have explained how daniel got back to his home universe in story. Maybe in the next few chapter you can focus more on just a few characters, maybe 2 to 3 at the most and see how it works for you.
Take this as constructive criticism because I do like your story.
1/9/2014 c3 8andres.mullerbeck
Very nice!
I do think Ranma being seen as hotarus prime is a bit silly. He used abilities that were superhuman, so he would be a minor god .himself, probably seen as a consort
1/8/2014 c39 Benjamin Goldberg
Firstly, great story! I'd love to see more :)

Second: I'd like to make a suggestion for a future plot development.

Since all youma/yoma are able to manipulate life energy (drain it, use it, give it to their boss), and since some of the survivors are "good", it would be interesting to see if any of the good yoma are able to charge ofuda or other such things and make them effective against malicious magical beings.

If it works, it could make them much more productive members of society than mere waitresses (or prisoners, in many cases), especially considering the apparent crowds of people who want to have their energy sucked from them.

And if the ofuda can come out of a computer printer, then charged by a yoma ... First, this could this lead to mass production of ofuda to use against magical bad guys. Second, if there's life energy to spare, and human creativity to try to create non-standard ofuda, people could figure out what *other* things can be done with spiritually-charged ink-on-paper. It could become a type of modern supernatural technology, which would be *understood* by present-day humans.

If you've ever read Naruto, think of all the interesting things which are accomplished with fuuinjutsu... and then factor in mass production.

After all, I don't just want to see humans kick Goa'uld ass, but also improve knowledge and creation of some type of technology to be considered equals of the other cool races out there.
1/3/2014 c39 Eljin1
just started reading, great work!
whats the trust still doing around? i thought a large meteor landed on their meeting site?
12/18/2013 c7 11Laira Evans
Surprisingly coherent considering the multicross.
12/15/2013 c39 Litgab
Great to see you are still out there and continuing this fic.
Not a bad chapter, but a little choppy. will be waiting for
future updates.
12/5/2013 c2 Blinded in a bolthole
Ya know, at this point Ranma is not pig-tailed yet.
11/22/2013 c31 zmanjz
Wait... was Azazel defeated by Sheriff Andy? (And... is Andy an angel? If so, then thats a crossover Ive never seen before.)
11/22/2013 c39 praeceps29
this is an ok story would have been better and probably easier if you had just left it as SM SG1 and ranma though especially considering that most time the ones like ranma and the scouts or sg1 have so many gaps between when you mention them due to all the other crap that just really isnt needed you forget there even part of the story or whetr was even happening with them to begin with
11/20/2013 c39 Zenoen of Astora

please please please keep up the good work
11/20/2013 c39 Kas23
Ranma must turn into a girl!
11/19/2013 c39 3Gibelyou
Glad to see you are working on this. This story is so large in scope and character list it is difficult to keep track of all the cameos sometimes. I really am looking forward to the big galaxies fight.

Hope to see more soon. Sorry to hear your co-author dropped off the face of the earth. Maybe Loki took him on that cloaked as guard ship...
11/19/2013 c21 zmanjz
Um... how did jack and carter get out of antarctica?
11/19/2013 c39 shugokage
Wow amazing chapter and good luck with the saddening news of Kender disappearing!
11/16/2013 c39 MWRANDOM
Love this story. Great to see it updated. Hate to hear about another good author dissapearing. Also hate Anime Addventure's been having troubles. Some of the stories on there were really good reads.
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