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11/2/2013 c39 1Infinite Freedom
I'm just happy that a new chapter was posted for this story. And am at the moment craving another.
11/2/2013 c39 1OBSERVER01
good chapter
11/2/2013 c39 Lord Edric
I will miss kender He was one of my favorites on Anime Addventure, keep up the work as best you can, the quality of the story has not changed at all, and I really love the pokeballing Yoma thing, I wonder how the Jaffa will do in a fight with those
11/2/2013 c39 Sdarian
Good luck with it!
11/2/2013 c39 3Spica75
Its absolutely great seeing that the story continues again! Its one of my first favorite stories.
11/2/2013 c39 Ancalador
As a long term reader and occasional beta, I fully understand how people can up and disappear when your only connection to them is the internet. I think we can all say that whatever you need to not stop writing is good enough for us.

Keep up the great work.
11/2/2013 c39 SirKaid
Talk about perfect timing, I just finished rereading this last night. I'm glad it's back - this story's always been a favourite of mine.
11/2/2013 c39 FluffyNevyn
I am impressed. Despite what was said about it, it has been so long that I was convinced the story was forgotten. I am VERY pleased to see it not.

Take your time, and get it right, that's all I can say. Good chapter. A bit lacking in obvious development, but all stories have chapters like that. Something that isn't quite filler, isn't really plot, but is still necessary because it contains the setup and layout for one or the other of those two cases (or both).

Kudos, glad to hear from you, sorry to hear that your co-author vanished on you, and wishing you good luck and a cooperative muse. :-)
10/30/2013 c38 Ranmamania
Since it seems that Mousse caused them to crash land in Jusenkyo please don't do cannon curses do something like

Ranma x Hotaru land in Drowned Husband & Wife
Melissa lands in Drowned Horse
Cologne lands in Drowned 5 year old (boy or girl)
Shampoo lands in Drowned Man
Mousse lands in Drowned Panda
10/30/2013 c38 Guest
Like the fact this is a Ranma without curse story
10/27/2013 c14 Guest
Ok I get the Wizard of Oz reference but unless Luna or Artimis went to the SG base looking for V a.k.a Venus & got changed into a dog because her powers hit some tech you should made the effort & changed it to "and your little CAT too!" instead of leaving it as dog
9/11/2013 c4 17timunderwood9
""Oh, Ranma," said the Professor. "He's off on a picnic with my daughter. She's been trying to thank him for rescuing her. Though it warms an old father's heart that there may be incipient romance blooming. Ah hahahahahahahaha!"

People winced nearby as the Professor went off into his "mad scientist laugh" but figured it was like his labcoat and glasses (that he seemed to wear them 24/7) and just that geniuses tended to be at least a little nuts."

This is the sort of thing that makes fan fiction awesome- and honestly in my read through of SM fan fic there wasn't nearly enough of this sort of thing, that for example people tend to have Mamoru stop making his speech because it is corny and retarded (missing the point that it puts the awesome in retarded awesome).
9/11/2013 c3 timunderwood9
"the BOLO concept of a self-aware tank was first put out by Keith Laumer. This isn't the same thing, but the term BOLO is used to give the characters in-story (and you, gentle readers) an immediate concept/visualization to be able to reference."

Never read Laumer's stuff, but a post apocalyptic novella using the BOLO universe is probably my favorite thing written by David Weber (and I've read probably 80% of what he's written). So yeah, I get the concept of a BOLO being awesome. This story, at least at the concept level, is basically made of awesome. So far at least.
9/11/2013 c1 timunderwood9
"His thought processes were a bit different though, and so instead of a "pocket universe" he was developing something a little different.

His work showed mathematically how one might be able to open wormholes in space that would allow for travel over interstellar distances. He envisaged large toroidal 'stargates' which would link distant star systems and allow for humanity to spread to other planets.

Which led to Soichiro Tomoe being contacted by some very interested people."

Wow, are you seriously going that direction?

Because awesome. I'm laughing so hard. Wow, so that is where the sci fi in the title comes from. Lol. And win.
8/28/2013 c38 Guest
This is one of the best multiple crossovers I've read. The cameos I recognize are exactly in character. The cameos I don't recognize give enough information that I understand what's going on without it distracting me from the story. This story is hilarious and action-packed, and I hope you continue it.
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