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5/26/2010 c8 GeshronTyler
The Beryl bit are also quite amusing. So, FMP? So far we've only got Sosuke though. No Chidori, or Tessa? Well, can't have Arm-Slaves (yet), so I guess you can't have the TTD either. darn.

Zeno? Don't get the reference, if it is one.

Thanks, still reading.
5/26/2010 c7 GeshronTyler
Getting better! I love the Sailor Moon vignettes. Magical Girl/EliteSoldier combos is something I've been hoping to see for a while. Konan the Cimmerian... *headdesk* Not too mention the FF reference. Stop with the hurting! =P

Hmmm, I see an interesting scenario. Perhaps the "Lunar Cats" were fighting with the "Mogs", and the Silver Millenium wiped them out as a favor? Something like a phyrric victory, where both sides decimated themselves, and only a few of the cats survived on the moon, and non of the dogs.
5/26/2010 c6 GeshronTyler

So, Sailor V has gotten herself volunteered. Really, Pluto must be asleep at the switch. Though the idea that she spends most of her time at the TimeGate (and won't that be an interesting revelation) watching the timestream is apocryphal.

Luna and Artemis have hooked up, I see. This means that the Inners are going to _need_ mundane back up eventually, unless its decided to reinforce with Minako. I expect that Luna and Artemis are underestimating the power of human DAKKA! I know some authors make Youma and their ilk impervious to mundane tech weapons, but I don't subscribe to that theory. There'd be plenty of collateral damage though, because I wouldn't expect small arms to be much use. Ah, they aren't.

So many interesting things going on. Eager to find out what Ranma and co. found.
5/26/2010 c5 GeshronTyler
Woah, Kinsey showing signs of being human? ^_^ Nice battle.

Refuge is going to become an interesting world. I can't wait to see Pluto's reaction to this.
5/26/2010 c4 GeshronTyler
Well, the jackals are circling, of several worlds and species. =P Okay, so the woman got off world because the sentries sucked. Still a little hard to believe, since the SGC people are all supposed to be elite, and the Jaffa would well know to expect retaliation. Well, no biggy. I do see a problem with having young children being accepted for a potentially high risk job of this nature, even if they aren't enlisted in military forces. At least, from any goody two shoes earth observer, or not-so- goody earth observer. Er, how old are Ranma and Hotaru now? 11 and 9? I think Hotaru was 9 or so when she showed up in SM.

Ooo, Dakka! I guess it's too much to hope for for Kinsey to meet with an accident?
5/26/2010 c3 GeshronTyler
Oh, it wasn't my imagination. Caught on to your naming convention, there. ^_^

Okay, it looks they've found a Silver Millenium colony ruin...And I expect, with the chapter title, they'll be finding something else. Buildings smaller than humans... the Mau? Or whatever Luna and Artemis are?

Hmm, when a "mini" bolo was mentioned, I was picturing something along the lines of a MBT, but I guess "Bonaparte" from Tank Police works. Wait, _Hotaru_ is the "potential enemy"?

Lol, so Hotaru now has a pet tank. Having a BOLO on the planet will certainly help for security against external/exoplanet threats. NID may be another problem entirely, but I guess that's what Ranma's for. Trying to find out if the "ENEMY" was in fact Serenity's people, or Beryl's. Oh, I liked the "Don't fear the Reaper" bit. Merciful Death, that's Saturn all right.

Major ARRGH! They've been leaving the Gate completely unguarded? When they're on planet with only a couple of people, I can understand that, but they're setting up a permanent base, they have dozens if not hundreds of people, and they aren't keeping a Gate watch? If the sentries were distracted, by say, Bonaparte, that would make some sense, but this way it comes across as contrived.

Ah, politics, powerbrokers, and other creatures of the dark.

Looking forward to the implied/impending Goa'uld attack.
5/26/2010 c2 GeshronTyler
Oh, I figured that Hotaru managing to protect herself would be a more logical scenario. I wonder at the rationale at having Hotaru able to summon Ranma to her side... Would this mean some kind of connection between the Stargates and the Silver Millenium? I view Ancient tech mostly as being advanced enough to be "magic" anyway, so it works for me.

So, for now Kinsey isn't actively trying to sabotage the program, but I guess he'll be making a strong effort to be in a position to control it.

Realistically, it would take years to really properly reverse engineer the alien technology the SGC comes across, let alone understanding the principles behind them. There's always the "theory for the tools to make the tools to make..." aspect to alien tech. Oh well, that sort of thing can be handwaved, if not done too egregiously.

Looking forward to Ranma and Hotaru going out on Gate patrols, though. Have to be a bit older though, so as not to violate national and international statutes.

I'll keep reading, thanks.
5/26/2010 c1 GeshronTyler
Well, SG was a surprise, and a bit alarming. Sailor Saturn as a Goa'uld? Yikes. I can't remember how or if Hotaru ever received a henshi device, and if so, if it came from Luna. Certainly, the other Outers were already active without help from Luna, as was Sailor V/Venus... It's possible that a Goa'uld might be able to acess Sailor Saturn, but she was more of a separate personality from Hotaru in the beginning, as so maybe the snake would find itself having to fight for control. Saturn before her rebirth I think would be ruthless enough to end herself, and probably the planet she was on (if it was an enemy stronghold) so she couldn't be used against the princess.

Like to see how this develops. Read you next time.
5/24/2010 c34 sandcrawlr
Enjoyed the chapter. Just wanted to add that I agree with your comment on "there is enough hate in both parties". Now if only they would figure that out. :)
5/24/2010 c34
I'm enjoying it A LOT!
5/23/2010 c34 10Sargon Dorsai
Thank you for continuing to write this fascinating and wonderful story. I am thoroughly entertained with each new chapter!
5/23/2010 c34 2Shannon Dee
I was doing pretty good and really enjoying this chapter until you hit me between the eyes with Akhmed (the dead terrorist). I am going to take a lesson from Pluto and down a bottle of Excedrin with a bottle of JD and hope my brain resets by the time I wake up.
5/22/2010 c34 1Bobboky
5/22/2010 c34 1OBSERVER01
good chapter
5/22/2010 c34 firelordeg
i cant wait tell you get to the skuld ranma and hotaru parts thank you for sharing please update again a.s.a.l.a.
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