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4/30/2010 c30 1Rc1212
The battle was, as Yugi from YGOA would say, "Super Special Awesome!" Great work on the chapters. Are you planning to add any more crossovers? like form games to such? Anyway, can't wait to see how the Earth changes after this!
4/30/2010 c30 Darksnider05
Really hope your not a To'kra basher you need more aliens in this fiction it's getting kinda boring reading about people not wanting to kill humans but being ok with killing aliens.
4/27/2010 c7 1Batman4u
If the Jaffa of Refuge think Hotaru is a goddess, what is she the goddess of? Because Ranma took technology as a peace-offering to SG1, the Jaffa might regard Hotaru as a goddess of bartering, compassion, and prosperity. The planet Saturn is associated with agriculture, justice, and strength, although Hotaru is too young to be considered a fertility goddess.

Have they built shrines in honor of Hotaru? Is there a cult devoted to Sailor Saturn?
4/27/2010 c27 Blue Boy
No Ranma fanfic is complete without a hot spring scene. Communal bathing is a key part of the anime genre's humor, fan service, and innuendo. KOS-MOS might walk into the men's side of the bath because she doesn't know any better, while Hotaru would follow KOS-MOS to "protect" Ranma from the android's faux pas.
4/26/2010 c28 dazzler
Will we see non-Tendo characters from Ranma1/2?

Miss Hinako the chi-drainer could be a latent Whisperer that never manifested because Happosai altered her body while she was a young child. Some of the others like Ryoga or Shampoo could test positive for Ancient or Moon Kingdom genes, especially the Chinese amazons given their isolation.

Plus, imagine if a Goa’uld used Herb or Saffron as a host body, Anubis wouldn’t be the biggest heavy-hitter among the system lords.
4/26/2010 c28
:) nice!
4/25/2010 c28 sandcrawlr
The story is bonkers and it's totally worth reading. Just read it from start to here (over several days) and loved it. A little more Ranma wouldn't be remiss, but overall, no complaints. :)
4/25/2010 c28 3chaosmagez
Who is the Lady of Shadow suppose to be? I'm interested in seeing what comes of the replicator negotiations.
4/24/2010 c28 2Shannon Dee
Waiting impatiently for the next chapter.
4/24/2010 c28 1OBSERVER01
good chapter
4/24/2010 c28 1Bobboky
awesome work
4/24/2010 c27 2Shannon Dee
Another enjoyable chapter with a lot of build up happening.
4/24/2010 c28 King Tarol
I would be lying if I said that I wasn't annoyed by all the political interference, not to mention "Paris Spears", but hey, at least that gives me someone to direct my ire against...except I have a really bad feeling that Senator Kinsey's going to get his way for a very long time, and that's no fun for anyone except him. Or, if not Kinsey, then Marller, Gauron, or the Trust; none of those are options that I would like to think about.

Your continually increasing number of characters/references is astoundingly good, however. Most people that I could talk to about this don't believe that such a story could happen, so your ability to not only write it, but write it well is just a further testament to your skill.

Also, there's the fact that I'm quite a fan of mega-crossovers like this or like DrunkenGrognard's work in this section of this site (Grand Tour and Journey; starts off as Ranma/SM, quickly adds Nanoha, a little bit of Star Trek on the side, and a few others during Grand Tour that unfortunately don't really show up during Journey, but whatever.) At least all the infuriating political mind games are showing me more and more of how to write my own.

Finally, it was a good idea for you to delay the writing of the invasion until next chapter. Despite the fact that I usually don't like shorter chapters as much as longer ones, I can easily make exceptions for good reasons, and plot timing is a most excellent reason. So, good for you, and I hope to see more KERRANGing of insipid pop idols' heads in the future. Or, failing that, you can give me a big, flashy, space battle. I'm not picky.
4/24/2010 c28 8DreadedCandiru2
Well, it finally happened; a reference to BnL's "One Week." Well played.
4/24/2010 c28 1Rc1212
I really never thought any could pull off a crossover like this, really awesome. Can't wait for the next big fight!
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