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4/8/2010 c16 fight club
Time paradoxes are common in Ranma1/2, Sailor Moon, and SG-1: quantum mirror, Happosai’s mirror, Chibiusa, the fact that opening a Stargate during a solar flare will cause time travel, etc. They make great foreshadowing, such as a message from the future warning of some dire threat.

Idea/Suggestion: In the previews for the upcoming movie IronMan2, it shows an arms race when Tony Stark’s tech falls victim to corporate espionage. The rogue elements of the NID are concerned about profit and control, not national security, so they might see the benefits of proxy warfare by leaking the schematics for the power armor and giant robots. While factions are busy fighting each other, the NID slips in and takes what they want without anyone noticing until its too late.
4/8/2010 c20 free willy hendrick
When you got power armor, kaiju battle is inevitable. While those giant monsters on that one planet can't fit through the Stargate, an egg or baby might. In JurassicPark2, a group of business men captured a baby t-rex to sell to a zoo. Marlla could then show up and accelerate the creature's growth so that it'd quickly reach adult and go on a rampage.

As a substitute kaiju, Herb could somehow turn into a Godzilla-like dragon and attack Hong Kong. Maybe if he used the Phoenix Statue isntead of Saffron, it'd trigger such a transformation.
4/8/2010 c20 vaward
Minako gave blood samples as part of her pilot medical preparation, so rogue NID agents could steal the blood samples to perform 'human evolution experiments’ in an attempt to usurp the source of the Sailor Scouts’ power. Child prodigy Ruri Hoshino could be a product of such experimentation, endowed with super-intelligence and technopathic machine interface abilities, the NID assigning her to the Prometheus so she can assume control of the ship if they order Ruri to do so. Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam Seed is another possibility for genetic enhancement.

Will Cassandra have a crush on Ranma? I don't recall seeing her too much in the show, so her crush would give her an excuse to be a more active part of Stargate: SG-1.

I remember one issue of “Ah! My Goddess” where Skuld was prematurely aged to adulthood. Urd could decide that Daniel and Skuld would make a cute couple try to bring them together.
4/8/2010 c13 zapped
Be careful. The First Law of Fanfiction states that every change which strengthens the protagonists requires a corresponding worsening of their challenges. Or in plainer language: You can't make Frodo a Jedi without giving Sauron the Death Star.

Those energy weapons used on Youma, if put on a low setting, could be useful in the treatment of psychosis just like electrotherapy and restore Kodachi Kuno to a semi-sane state although she'd likely suffer from relapses.

"Uh oh, looks like Kodachi needs another dose."

Ominous humm.


4/8/2010 c19 hair products are dangerous
To cause international problems, Marlla could arrange for Joketsuzoku and the People’s Republic of China to find out that the Sailor Scouts are real and they’re involved with the Stargate program. I assume that China is one of the nations not included in the meeting between Japan, Britain, and America.

It’d be hilarious if Teal’c or Jack O’Neil knocked out Shampoo, Cologne’s great-granddaughter. And wherever Shampoo goes, Mousse will try to follow.

The Joketsuzoku elders like Cologne might recognize the Moon Kingdom from their legends and pretend to reaffirm their allegiance to the Moon Princess while waiting for the right moment to grab power for themselves in a vain attempt to restore their dwindling tribe to its former glory. The Chinese amazons are never altruistic and always have a hidden agenda.
4/8/2010 c19 robots in disguise
Area51 stays funded by licensing patents based on alien tech so long as they can pass it off as a natural progression of Earth’s native society. As a possible failsafe against mind control and social infiltration, they could market rescue vehicles like ambulances and police cars equipped with crude yet affordable AIs designed to work in conjunction with a human driver, somewhat like KITT from “Knight Rider.” If necessary, these smart vehicles could secretly warn the military of unusual behavior trends and prevent the collapse of infrastructure services if the conflict escalates. Furthermore, these smart vehicles would generate great PR and help the public get used to concept of artificial intelligence so they won’t be too shocked if the robots of Zeno get sent to Earth.

Another profitable venture is anti-gravity tech so long as they don’t give businesses access to a portable power supply* or the superconductive materials to make it practical. That way, companies would waste millions on R&D, and when they do eventually make a break through, Area51 would license them more patents that’d be compatible with what they already have rather than reinventing the wheel everytime you want to sell something.

*Why do all the work yourself when you can trick someone into doing it for you, like Tom Sawyer and white washing that fence.
4/7/2010 c20 Queensarrow
good stuff.
4/7/2010 c19 apple bomber
The Youma taken captive by the military are likely to be treated as lab specimen and brought livestock to feed off of.

For some reason, I got a mental image of the bored Youma playing ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ with interns to pass the time.

A naively altruistic scientist could try to give Youma a serum that’d let them absorb ambient emotional energy like Happosai (he steals lingerie to get female ki/chi), but it might cause them to evolve into psychophages like the daemon princes of Warhammer40k.
4/7/2010 c20 jaegermonster
To sow the seeds of chaos, Marller could manipulate the Tok’ra so that when they make the treaty with Earth in Season2, they’ll insist that Anise/Freya be married off to Ranma Saotome. Hotaru might allow it for the sake of interstellar diplomacy but that doesn’t mean she’d be happy about it. Normally, Anise wouldn’t have made an appearance until Season4, but she’s the most prominent female Tok’ra in the entire series. It’d be amusing to watch to cold, blunt woman attempt to woe her way into Ranma’s good graces, such as half-hearted seduction, bad cooking, and a complete lack of domestic skills. She's bit like like 7of9 from Star Trek: Voyager, except more of a biatch.

Anise is played by Vanessa Angel who starred in Kingpin and Weird Sciene the series.
4/7/2010 c18 heal thy self
Urd mentioned balance and opposites. For a possible villain, it’d be cool to see a Goa’uld inhabiting a Wraith from the Atlantis universe.

Personally, I hated the Ori for their unoriginality but the producers wanted the show to keep going despite having reached its intended climax and conclusion.
4/7/2010 c19 vaward
It’d be cute if that translator worked on dolphins.

“Thanks for the fish!” (reference to ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’)

I’ll give you a cookie if the Prometheus’s chief science officer is a child prodigy named Ruri Hoshino like in “Martian Successor Nadesico.” Yes, the deadpan albino is too cute to resist and would make a great character foil to Samantha Carter. General Hammond campaigned to recruit females into the military, so he might as well see benefits from it.

I was thinking that a little bit after the Prometheus is built, the Sailor Scouts could use the Imperium Silver Crystal to combine their powers and permanently upgrade the massive spaceship. In “Van Dread,” their ship is powered by a living, semi-sentient energy core known as the Paksis Pragma that is influence by the emotions of people linked to it, so the Silver!Prometheus might have something like that due to so many alien technologies interacting with each other.
4/7/2010 c20 JohnJr
Wait, what happened to those extra Sam’s and Janet’s? There were a dozen each. Were they all sent to Refuge? It’s weird having Ranma without multiple girls chasing after him, so one of the Sam’s or Janet’s might have a romantic interest in the pigtailed boy.


1) Marller arranges so that the public finds out about the Stargate program and the existence of extraterrestrial threats. Worse case scenario: mass panic, rioting, suicide, etc. Best case scenario: the world unites in face of a common foe.

2) The Sailor Scouts can ‘customize’ vehicles, but they should see if they’re limited to just one or if they can have ‘multiple accessories.’ Not all of their vehicles need to be combat-oriented. Mars could bond with a fire truck for irony. Mercury is water-based, so if she can bond with a small submarine like Alvin she could revolution ocean exploration and the building of underwater habitats. Jupiter can manipulate both WOOD and lightning (like in ‘Jupiter Oak Evolution’), so a common backhoe loader could be used in combat, agriculture, and terraforming. A few South American countries use bulldozers as batting rams, so it’s not without precedence.

3) Now that Area 51 has casual access to intra-solar transportation, they might consider making plans for Mars: mining, automated factories, and a hidden weapon storage depot incase Earth’s security is compromised. They’re still decades away from colonization or terraforming, but a small military outpost is possible.
4/7/2010 c20 Alyeris
Ah, the good old Antartic Gate incident ^_^ I have to say that you are managing the mix of stories very well. I do have one question though as to which series are a part of 'reality' and which are fiction in this universe (I assume that Jurai is out of the picture but what about Macross?).
4/7/2010 c20 rusty32539
Hey I went over to Anime Adventure to read all that has been written. I thought I might just try to give you muse a kick. (warning spoiler)Since you have already used the characters from FFX I thought maybe you could give Ranma and Hotaru a space ship the Ragnarok from FF8 maybe make it a Furling Ship since we know so little about them and their team could get trapped on a planet with it but it is damaged so Ranma and Hotaru have to use their transformations to fix it.(end spoiler) Just and idea, anyway keep up the good work.
4/7/2010 c20 Waspy
It’d love to see Makoto or Hotaru try to upgrade Bonaparte like Minako did with her airplane. With its A.I. and self-diagnostic sensor package boosted, Bonaparte would be able to send data on its transformation back to the BOLO and K-9 units who are better equipped to analyze the information than SG-1 and Area51 is currently capable of.

If given sufficient time to process Bonaparte’s data, BOLO might be able to modify Minako’s A-10 aerospace bomber and turn it into a variable fighter jet/robot like in Macross or Robotech, much to Maybourne’s delight.

However, before the Sailor Senshi try to upgrade Bonaparte, they ought to install a medscanner inside the cockpit if it doesn’t have one already so it can be monitor the symbiotic connection between the pilot and itself to establish a baseline for future research.
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