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3/31/2010 c11 KillerWombat
*Snicker* O'Neill as a female getting the ... examination by the Doc is priceless. Love K-9 as well.

Pity Ranma-chan isn't happening *sniff* I miss the cute red head.

Keep up the good work!
3/31/2010 c11 FateBurn
great couple of chapters please update again soon.
3/31/2010 c11 38Kithrin
you seem to have copied the same section twice near 1/4 the way through.
3/30/2010 c9 FateBurn
great story so far cant wait to see what is Setsuna gonna do when she find out the mess the time-line has become ploease update soon
3/30/2010 c9 Knyght
Interesting fic, though i think you should make the terrans(tau'ri sounds weird no matter what) start to homogenize their tech and adapt it to themselves. I hope you don't fall for some of the pitfalls of canon, like slowing the reverse engineering of some techs or never actually declassifying the gate, how it doesn't works is pretty obvious since they had to resort to uber crappy deus ex machinas to compensate ie the asgard giving them tech before kicking the bucket and the ark of truth(i can't convey how much i abhor that particular one, since i had hoped that at one point earth would get a decent fleet to fight the ori in more or less equal terms). I hope you declassify the gate by the time the X-304 is out why? because at that time earth really needs a fleet, and most of the techs needed are already tested in the prometeus. Anyway i just hope you don't make earth over reliant on the asgard or deus ex machinas to save them and have them build a good god damn fleet(more than 5 goddamn ships, hopefully in the 3 digits spectrum). One other thing is it would be a good idea to take a page from XSGCOM(great fic probably the best around in the sg category of ffnet) and "steal anything that isn't bolted down and bring bolt cutters just in case" most stuff has it's uses for example even if staff weapons suck ass, you can sew them off, add a grip and a sight and they suck a lot less.

Btw if earth ever gets a proper fleet pluto's gonna get a conniption since it would negate the possibility of an asteroid hitting eath thus negating the great freeze thus turning the possibility of crystal Tokyo to a big fat zero. It'll be hilarious when this happens.
3/30/2010 c9 Newbie Reader 117
Good story. I nominate the scene in chapter 7 of sailors moon and mercury vs teacher youma vs marines as the funniest scene ever in a Sailor moon fic ever. Hope to see more soon.
3/30/2010 c9
^_^ that was fun ^_^
3/30/2010 c9 9The Fanfic Stealer
The references. Kick. ASS! I was laughing so hard for some of them, I think I pulled a muscle a couple of times... especially KOS-MOS' comment on the "slutty tavern wench" dress. ROFLMAO

An awesome fic. Update soon!
3/29/2010 c9 DumbOky
Really glad to see this here, NoTendo and New Gods are my two favorite story lines on Anime Adventures.
3/29/2010 c9 27kopakanuvafan20
This is a great story. You did an excellent job putting all these crossovers together and making it beliveable. I am guessing that the ancient evil is Chaos. When is Sailor Pluto going to figure out what is wrong? I want to see what happens to her when she does.
3/29/2010 c9 Vandenbz
This story just keeps getting better! Tessa, KOS-MOS and Rei Hino join the chaos and I can't wait to see what the military does with Jadeite. Sousuke seems to be the one who shot him in the leg, it'll be interesting to see who he is paired with here. KOS-MOS in a sailor outfit is an interesting touch, and I keep laughing about her comment of needing to be "cleansed with fire" if she wore that outfit some of the others picked out for her. Keep up the great work and please update soon!
3/29/2010 c9 7Cloud Dancer1014
-Love this: please continue!
3/29/2010 c9 4Cjonwalrus
i like it
3/29/2010 c1 red
love the story
3/28/2010 c2 Pirate lord
Aye all ways go for the loot boy!
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