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7/29/2014 c40 Ikurus
Really cool story, though there were many references from series I hadn't seen or read that led to me spending a lot of time wandering around wikipedia. Not that that's a bad thing.
Thank you for writing and sharing this.
7/27/2014 c40 habibali123

Nice fiction. I like your style. Your fiction is fun and enjoyable.

Is there more chapter ?
7/9/2014 c40 erik
This is an epic story that it has taken me 3? days to read. It truly is one of the great crossovers and I sincerely hope to see it continuing to grow. Well done and thanks.
7/6/2014 c40 17Ar-Kaos
A rolicking good read, with lots of laugh out loud moments and some really inspiring imaginative bits too, well done and thanks for sharing.

If I have to offer some constructive c. then I would have probably liked to see more on the characters (and perhaps a few less in number of them?), but I also understand the scale of the story rather precludes this

I can see how you might be running towards a close on this, or at the very least a 'season finale' but hope that there is a chunk more mileage in the story (especially after a timeskip?)... just what would the SG-A team look like from this world.. the SGU team? Will Ranma/ Hotaru have to attend some school for some obscure reason ... what exactly has happened to the 'alternative Carters' Urd made.

As for the Webber Harrington thing as I understand it the guy isn't so much worried about people using his stuff as needing to protect himself, because he does read fanfiction on occasion, and cannot read any that includes his chars/ stories for fear of ending up with originality issues of his own... so yeah he prefers people to make their own stuff, but isn't exactly being a B*stard about it.
6/30/2014 c40 3Hiryo
YAY a quality fanfic got updated!

Thank you!
6/11/2014 c12 i like cheese
some of this is good, some of it i just want to bang my head against my desk, wondering, "why write something so dumb?"
dunno, if i really wanna continue reading. at this point it looks like you're just including crossovers because you saw them some time and not because they actually impact the story.
6/4/2014 c40 Daniel T. Stack
It looks like having Captain Harrington back is unavoidable. I honestly don't know why her being included is minded.

I think you might need to get the perspectives sorted a bit. At first this was following exploits of the Saotome's and Senshi concurrently to what was happening with SG-1. Those missions were still happening.

Now you are seemingly trying to present the whole universe. I think for this story to continue properly you might have to do it with a split.

Get the band back together for the Refuge SG teams. Sure there may be times they are needed back on Earth but Bolo and other events need them to go about from their home base on Refuge.

You do know there was a Babylon 6 it just wasn't official. Things happening near Earth might end up having a No-Tendo Babylon spin off. Maybe even ironically have the Tendo family end up there as Kasumi, Akane or Nabiki seek better futures for themselves.

SG-1 needs its focus back again so that things with the Gould and politics can progress.

Then the Senshi need their own arc because their families are virtually impossible to stay in the dark with all this going on. Heck even the schools were said to work out Minako's participation. I don't quite understand how taking Mamoru off Earth is a good idea. Don't the Senshi still have their other threats outside of Mistress 9 and the Messiah of Silence coming up?

There are elements I feel have gotten lost in the shuffle. We never did get that dinner between Bastet, her conference call can be a good place to flash back to it. Konan vanished. He really should make a come back so should Bonaparte.

But continuing this as a single story just doesn't feel like it can continue to work. Things can cross into each other but keeping it as a single mass is beginning to bog down your storytelling progress ability.

When is the last time you even had time to think about Makoto's Jaffa? The Gould are having encounters with Galaxia or were early on. What is their progress and could that come back into the story?

I Like the story but it has so much going right now its hard to tell if its still actually getting anywhere.

Daniel Thomas Stack
Spokavriel yahoo. com
5/29/2014 c40 1lordamnesia
I for one would love to see an ending to this, even if you do a time skip situation. I greatly enjoyed this the couple of times I read it, because even if it isn't always the best writing, it's still written to be fun and enjoyable, with it IS. Since most detractors of writers fail to realize that the whole point of writing and posting it somewhere is to entertain at least some people, you should take pride that most people that read this had fun. Hope that everything goes well in your life, and that you DO continue updating fanfiction, even if it's just stuff you do for fun, not serious stories (even if I want to see those :) )!
5/28/2014 c40 hmr
cant believe that its been 4 years since this fic came out! I have enjoyed it every step of the way. Thoroughly enjoyed how this fic has developed so far. The way you have incorporated all the different series so far has been amazing, especially since you made them fit as well as make sense. Keep writing and update soon!
5/26/2014 c40 1Zhor
Zhor approves regardless.
Carry on, good sir!

I would like to see some of Ranma's training methods...
And if you're coming to an end for the story, just make sure it ends with a bang! Haha.
5/26/2014 c40 5Grizzmon
This is a great story.
5/25/2014 c39 Grizzmon
So, considering the many many aliens they have, still no easy to remove that pesky symbiote insider you know who wife?
5/25/2014 c38 Grizzmon
Mouse will be the Kuno of this story, right?
5/25/2014 c37 Grizzmon
Well, even, so her removal as Captain by something petty is something that senator would do.
5/25/2014 c36 Grizzmon
Yeah, Akane life's is better without Ranma and Ryoga it seems...
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