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for A Survivor's Guide To The Infection

1/13/2019 c1 4eragon95159
Continue vith is created prototype cure humans injected by serum to remove infectionx transform into full navi from james cameron avatar infected ignore them cured infected (by prototype cure) become more humanlike is restored they mind.
9/7/2011 c1 MasterRaptor77
...that was actually brilliant and believable (as believable as L4D gets anyways, lol).

Favorited. I think the arthritis may have been worth it, this is quite a masterpiece. Explains the Green Flu in a scientifically correct manner for once, nice job.
5/16/2011 c1 43 Phantoms
I LOVE this! you're right there was no real plot to L4D. If the games had a background it would be yours.

I am impressed.
2/13/2011 c1 1Shattered-k3
I really love this chapter, but I believe that the way it ends leaves something to be desired. Just to elaborate, or more specifically, I really want you to keep the story going with the witch. She WILL be CURED!
6/25/2010 c1 Haru
You are amazing. That is all that I can say... you rock.
4/24/2010 c1 some dood
Not bad. Not bad at all. A couple things though; at certain points a group of words would be clumped together. This a mistake on your part or a glitch? Also, the scientists personality didn't come through during some of the special infected descriptions.
4/20/2010 c1 4Leks Bronks
A very interesting read! I really like the down-to-earth, instructional descriptions especially, it really gives it that “handbook” feel. Plus, the personal thoughts, emotions and opinions introducing the cause of this survival guide at the beginning definitely gives it a “personal momoir” feel. This isn’t just some sterile instructional guide laid out to show anyone who reads it how to procedurally deal with the Infected, but it’s the urgent need of a Survivor to see to it that anyone who does come across it comes to the same appreciation of the gravity of their situation.

The intro’s length also seems to add another facet of character to the story – total lunacy that arises out of the desperation of being forced into such an inconceivable circumstance… Imagine, being a Survivor in a world like this? Certainly, someone with that kind of mental burden would be expressing such thoughts that are both rambling and prolific at the same time. One side of the brain reading it thinks, “this is too much, she’s going on and on and on, where’s the survival information?” while the other side says “Hmm, this person must have really been terrified, coerced into an unbelievable situation that stripped them of all preconceived notions of human existence, and turned them into this frantic animal, fighting for survival. Just about everything they’d have to say might be their last, and their heart has been poured out all over these blood stained pages.” I would think that another Survivor coming across this book might think just that way, seeing the desperation and madness in the well-written words of this guidebook author.

If I were to be so bold as to give you any constructive criticism, I think my one suggestion might be that this would benefit from a quick gloss-over, just to rearrange a few of the sentences. Some of them seemed fragmentary, and could be re-worded to make them more complete. An instance that sparked this suggestion is “While it is true that the age-old image of the typical zombie is quite earth-bound and incapable of scaling surfaces, be it short and rough or smooth and high. The Infected are quite capable of maneuvering vertical obstacles to the point of superhuman-proportions.” It seems like this sentence should actually read, “While it is true that the age-old image of the typical zombie is quite earth-bound and incapable of scaling surfaces, be it short and rough or smooth and high, the Infected are quite capable of maneuvering vertical obstacles to the point of superhuman-proportions” (2 sentences into one).

The first sentence of the “Zombies cannot run” paragraph is hilarious, and introduces an nicely unexpected bit of sarcastic humor. “Due to a combination of technical default and on-screen efficiency”, - how funny! Poking fun at the movies, even while scared shitless. I love it.

Other than that, I can’t say that I have any complaints, and the story left me feeling very absorbed in the L4D world. Just out of curiosity, did you invent some of these descriptions, such as the methods of infection, or are these from L4D? I’ve played it several times but I haven’t been fully educated in all the details of L4D, and I’m just wondering if some of these descriptions are your take on it. If so, they’re wonderful!

Just FYI – Haven’t completed reading the whole thing yet, about ¾ way through now… but I just wanted to share some thoughts with you before I forget, and any more that come up, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Excellent work, I really do hope you’re eventually inspired to either return to your DS fanfic, or to write a new one. Either way, you’ll have a reader in me. :)
3/28/2010 c1 4GeneralGunnut
Besides the fact that some of your words collided, this was an interesting read. It reminds me of Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide, only for its set for L4D.

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