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for Magical Atoner Lyrical Alicia

5/9 c20 Starlord Master
More fun!
11/23/2019 c19 40deathgeonous
Ah, such fun. I don't read you enough. Well, thanks for writing this, and bye for now.
7/2/2019 c18 luvnanofate
Again, I fear with these short chapters and author notes, the reader will spend more and more time trying to find out who the OC's are rather than on the storyline. I'm beginning to find myself doing it and that is bothersome. What more detail on Venus' "irregular forces" or more on possible motives for other players to want to attack Asgard? I fear we are losing site of the story. But, I must stop "beating this dead horse" as they say. Thanks for the update.
7/2/2019 c16 luvnanofate
Hi! Just came across your story and since I am a huge MGLN fan, had to read. I began to think it was a crossover, which would have killed it for me, but realized you were just bringing cameo's in for the most part. I Sailor Moon so that is a nice part and the mix is done well done. This chapter's crossover characters seems, to me, to begin to be excessive. Down to Cafe owners, etc. Once that starts I takes the reader away from the main focus of the story. I started thinking more about Tohru, etc. then where I was in the storyline. I think some bringing in other series' characters you have done brought some humor in, but its beginning to seem like all your OC characters are well known other series characters almost down the man just walking down the street. That is harmful to a story. I really like your story, I just ask that you consider toning down the crossovercharacters. I really like the story overall and am glad you have come back to it, its frustrating to a reader to get thru thousands of words of a good story to find out its been left for dead! LOL Now back to reading for me. Thanks.
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