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4/27/2010 c1 27son-of-puji
Ugh, another happy ending XD It is still so well written, as always but I have to tell I'm not sure it was consistent all the way. I mean I found it a bit too harsh from the X-men's and Xavier's side that they lost their trust in Lance so easily after they were getting along so well. I mean they were on better term even with Scott, and he worked fine with the team, so it is just too sudden a refusal from their side. And of course, Kitty too - letting him go so easily.
The other thing is that Lance went into trouble with Pietro too easily. I mean, he should have dealt it otherwise, not stepping into an obvious trap like that.
Anyways, the ending, the last sentences are such a nice blow that it makes me forget my above questions:)
3/30/2010 c1 Val
D= that is so sad. a sequel would be nice. a little advice dnt make everything be so cheesy. i mean we all know Lance and Scott would never become besties...so yea. but other than that it was a nice story.

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